Robert N Body Replacer - Fallout 3

This is Fallout 3 version of Robert N Body, with all F3 and F3 DLC armour refits.

Robert N Body is a male body replacer, originally ported from Oblivion by Nivea, and drastically improved by me.

Mod features:

-Realistic human male anatomy and good topology.
-Realistic textures.
-Shoulders, proportions and overall weights are drastically better than any previous Robert ports to NV/F3 had.
-Bouncing-enabled body weights (can be ignored if you don’t use animations).
-Full armor and clothing refits for all vanilla and DLC armour and clothing.
-Full compatibility with any retextures and mods that use texture sets as meshes structure was preserved vanilla.
-Bodyslide support with 160+ manually made sliders.


Mod requires NV Compatibility Skeleton, otherwise you’ll have butt and pecs stretched to infinity. Provided with RN installer bouncing animations are completely optional.


All-In-Installer is provided to be installed with Mod Manager (designed for MO2 but should work with others), with all optional features to choose from.


Robert2 - for RM body.
Nivea - for Alpha port that was used as a base and permission to improve and release it as complete mod.


Google Drive


Good to see you took my advice and joined the site keep up with the Modding

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Gotta say, it’s pretty damn fantastic to see this classic on the site. Glad you could joins us over here!