Washington's Malevolence - Huge Quest Mod


Originally released by me on another modding site on October 5, 2018

"Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God." ~ 1 Corinthians 6:10

Journey to Maddox Island in the Chesapeake Bay and experience a large quest mod with its own worldspace, story, characters, locations, and events that the player is sure to never forget.

Back in 2013, as I was playing Alton IL, I was betting that I could make a mod that not only was bigger content wise, but better, and in 2018, when this mod originally released, I think I achieved that goal, but there was still work to be done. Multiple patches and content updates later, here is Washington’s Malevolence, making its Mods-In-Exile debut!

As this is a mod that is meant for and balanced for end-game players, you will have to have the main story of Fallout 3 completed, whether you’re in Fallout 3 or Tale of Two Wastelands. A note will appear at the entrance to the Bailey in the Citadel, a knife holding it to a wall next to the door.


Known Issues:

  • None.


Installation Notes

  • If you are planning on adding the Tale of Two Wastelands version to your TTW install, you do not need the Fallout 3 version. The TTW version is its own standalone package.


Voice Credits

  • Acura T.L. (Acura TL GTLM) - Samuel Dacomb (v1.0a-v2.10)
  • Bryce Rush - Karl “Kassius” Dellinger
  • Caitlin Buckley - Sara Richards
  • Christopher Hedley - Aiden Lorenzo, Ralph Moritz
  • Cynthia Sabangan - Bethany Moore, Elizabeth Goldman
  • Dakota Myers - Holden Bailey, Ian Horner
  • Dallis King - Clarissa ‘Chains’ Baines, Rachel O’Connolly, Lindsay Terrell
  • Denon Kleo - Carl Stefan, Kevin Miles, Martin Terrell
  • Isaac Bernstein - Simon “Shilling” Deegan, Rallen Jones
  • Jack Evage - Lane Newman, Noah Newman, Steve Newman
  • Jordan Walters - Joseph Newgarden, Larry Evans, Randy Miles, male prisoners of Sterrek Island
  • Kalin Palmer - Cheri Martin
  • KSH Hunk - David Moore
  • Marshall Garrett - Diggory Virgo
  • Michaelangelo Slater - Ambusher #1
  • Missie Mae - Natalie Moritz
  • Nathan Talley (talkingNsuch) - Larry Evans, Ronnie Hart, Will Dixon, Edward Rios
  • Richard Bowen - Louis Beck, Brent von Hartman, Albert Young, Travis ‘Tank’ Sivart
  • Ryan McGillvrey - Danny Culver
  • Scotty Lorenz - Dr. Felipe Falconetti
  • Thomas G. Burt - Samuel Dacomb (v3.0>)
  • Vaughn Johseph - Darrell Williams
  • Wandering Voice Actor - Craig Cook, Randy Berry, Noah Hardy
  • Zed Linger - Marion Baker, Phoebe “Pence” Foley

Credits for assets are available in the mod’s readme file.


Download (MEGA) - Fallout 3 Version 4.0.2

Download (MEGA) - Tale of Two Wastelands Version 4.0.3

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Can’t be bothered to download it? Check out this YouTube playthrough of the Tale of Two Wastelands version by AlChestBreach instead!

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This is good. That is all.

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Hi, uh. I’m running into a massive issue preventing me from even getting passed the beginning of the mod.

The bug in question is where Eyes begins speaking after you wake up following the intro video. He speaks two lines of dialogue then nothing happens; nobody continues speaking. And the game is effectively softlocked.

It may be a mod I have installed but I highly doubt it, as there’s no conflicts whatsoever.

Here’s a video that basically shows the problem I’m running into, as you can see; it’s a bit of an issue.

If posting my modlist helps, then tell me and I’ll do that optionally as well.

Thanks for the help!

so what happened is the script that is supposed to move Sam to the boat is also responsible for enabling him, and I’ve needed to decouple that from the activator script for a long time but just haven’t. Patch coming ASAP

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The 3.2.2 patch should solve this problem.

For anyone reading this, if Sam appeared during the boat sequence and said his “Not a bright lot” line, you DO NOT NEED this patch.

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Wow, thanks for the rather quick response! The patch solved my issue. Thanks again! :slight_smile: