Anchorage WM Statue Fix


Fixes??? An empty spot which looks like their should be a staue placed but didn’t get placed by Bethesda or was forgotten about either way I think it looks good even if there isn’t supposed to be one there, I mainly discovered it when I was in the middle of making another mod named Ships of the sea, where I would place boats and ships both above and below the water, and then that’s when I came across the pedestal with no statue looking at the other pedestals they would have the same ring man statues so it seemed of, After playing the game for so long and nothing being there it seems totally different now.

Anchorage War Memorial

–Kwellcodechaot - (Thank you so much for helping with the cleaned version of 2.0)

Anchorage WM Statue Fix-24164-2-0-1598490804.7z (617 Bytes)