Announcement: Changes on the horizon!

Hi all! Your friendly neighborhood dev here with a long overdue announcement!
After some crazy shenanigans here, we are finally ready to start transitioning the site to the new layout. In the coming weeks we will begin testing and deploying an all new interface with new features. At some point soon I will announce a short down time for us to test internally that all the mechanics of the new site are up to standard and then we will begin rollout. We appreciate your patience so far and hope that you will really enjoy what we have put together. I will have more information for you soon.

Is there any idea as to a possible time frame for the new site?

Yes, planning the test for this weekend. It may begin under short notice. Thanks for being patient with us and stay tuned!

We are doing some deployment testing currently. So far so good, the new homepage should be up in the next couple of days, with the rest soon to follow.
Note that functionality may be limited at first as new features are deployed.

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