BattleTech Extended 3025-3061

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BattleTech Extended requires an Extended specific save, it is not compatible with your previous non Extended saves. Installation instructions are at the bottom of this post, above the credits section.

BattleTech Extended is multple Expansions to the base game. Adding the universe of BattleTech in to the HBS game, with the official time line as written while also adding variably selectable tabletop inspired improvements to the game.
The whole Inner Sphere is represented, including the many factions, units and mercenaries populating the 'Sphere. Clans invade, ComStar and Word of Blake will be jerks, elite units may provide harder missions, the Bounty Hunter may hunt you.
'Mech and Vehicle rarity is based on Xotl’s highly researched and well regarded D1000 tables and changes based on date, interpolating between the tables as days in game pass. Force compositions are the closest to what the universe of BattleTech is meant to look like possible with very little apocryphal content, other than nods to what has been seen in other games or fun parts of the lore like the Crescent Hawks.
The time in game will change the map, the events that are occurring, the units that are garrisoning planets, the technology available in different areas of space, the 'Mechs and 'Vees that the Op For is using. All based on source books and novels.
The mod can be played (campaign or career) with rules very close to the standard game as released but with insane amounts of extra content (well over 1000 'Mechs and 'Vees for example) and extra layers to the simulation layer. Or it can be played with rules massively adding to the tactical game, heavily inspired by the Tabletop but improved for a video game experience, for example adding components to the 'Mechs but not increasing the RNG based ways you can die in one shot in tabletop rules.
'Mechs and Pilots are much more unique, with 'Mechs having quirks from the BattleTech manual converted for the HBS game and Pilots having quirks based on their background and gain affinities with the 'Mechs they pilot.
Units you face are not just different paint schemes, some will use special 'Mech rarity tables, more elite tables, or favour certain equipment.
Pilots have morale in mission and can panic eject rather than fighting to the death every time, rookies are more likely to ‘nope’ out.

The Extended 'Manual’

When starting a new game you can select the Overall Difficulty. Overall Difficulty can be Normal, Hard, Simulation or Simulation +.
This is much like the vanilla game but has most of the content. This is an ease your way in to the mod mode, as although many exploits and broken mechanics have been fixed there are still some balance issues that can be exploited by the player limiting the lifetime of a play through before things become too easy.
Again, not changing much from the vanilla experiences rules, there are a few more steps taken to limit exploits for the slightly experienced player, such as lowering the amount of resolve generated, reducing the effectiveness of Called Shot Master and making the enemy pilots more appropriately skilled for 'Mech they are piloting.
The mod is primarily balanced for Simulation and Simulation + but will be a harder experience for experienced players. Most of the extra difficulty will come in the end game, and early game is still relatively relaxing. Drop Costs will encourage you to not take too easy a 'Mech lance in to lower missions and limitations to the experience a pilot can earn based on mission difficulty will encourage taking harder missions to develop, or take rookies when doing lower missions for cash.
The heat system has been reworked, adding a too hit penalty as heat is increased, and rather than damaging when overheating their is a chance to shut down based on how much you overheat. This change provides a better balance to the various weapons and provides more tactical choices to the weapons to fire each round.
-Simulation +
Everything from Simulation is included but with many additions to the tactical game. 'Mechs have actuators, sensors, life support, Engines and Gyros in mission that can be crit or destroyed affecting their performance as damage is taken.
Bulwark has been reworked to not be giving an easily gained 40% damage reduction all the time.

When starting a new game you can select the starting planet and year.
The starting planet will affect the 'Mechs you may start with in career when selecting random, drawing from 'Mechs and variants that are commonly found in that area of space.
Starting year will affect the map and the technology available in game.
3025 End of Third Succession War
3028 Fourth Succession War
3030 Andurien/St. Ives Succession
3034 Rasalhague Independence
3039 War of 3039
3047 Helm Memory Core Technology production begins
3049 Clan Invasion
3053 Post Truce of Tukayyid
3057 Operation GUERRERO
3059 Operation BULLDOG
3061 Prior to Civil War
New technologies begin to appear approximately 3047+, but remain rare until mid to late 3050s. Clans arrive 3049 August+. Timeline will hold in map and technology in 3061 prior to the Fed Com Civil War.
Be advised that you can select to start in 3025 and all changes that would occur by selecting a later date will happen over time, however playing a game to span that much of a timeline would take 100s of hours.

While in the navigation screen:
F1: Toggle unvisited systems map mode
F2: Toggle system difficulty map mode
CTRL-F: System search
ESC: Exit map mode or search
Shift-Click: On system: route through this system

Pilots suffer from various panic states based on the damage they take and other natural factors. When panicked they have a chance to eject, this is the same for your pilots as the enemies.
Melee to hit values are lower, countered by mech quirks on certain mechs. In Simulation + this is further affected by the actuators that come stock on the 'Mech or are damaged.
Salvage is based on the amount of the 'Mech left rather than flat max pieces if the pilot is incapped., and 2 for a legged mech.
Head hits do not always cause a pilot injury, lowering the amount of injuries received from a stray LRM or Machine Gun hit. The chance to injure is based on the weight of the hit and the amount of armor left on the Head location. A hit stripped Head location will always cause a pilot injury.

In the contract description it may detail conditions, such as Foggy, Gravity, Light conditions, Rain etc. By hovering over the biome icon of the mission you can see the detail of what these conditions affect in mission allowing you to tailor your lance to the conditions.
The biome description lists all possible conditions for the biome, only those listed at the top of the contract description will be in effect for that mission.

Hover over mechs to see the Mech Quirks, in the Mech Lab hover over the Stock Role to see the quirks as you build. The quirks can change slightly in Simulation +, integrating with the new functionality that difficulty provides.

Hover over pilots to see the Pilot Quirks and favourite Mech.
The Commander provides 2 resolve if in the lance, the same as pilots with the Officer quirk. This does not stack, but keeping Officers as stand ins for your Commander is a good idea.
Pilot Fatigue occurs after a mission, dependant on how damaged their Mech was. You can still take Fatigued pilots on missions, you will get lower resolve and they will be in low spirits for 14 days. Pilots are cheaper to maintain though so stock up! Fatigue time is reduced by higher Guts, certain quirks, Morale and Med Tech value. In Simulation or Simulation + a pilot may receive a light injury if they are used while fatigued. A tip, in the early game consider taking fatigued pilots, don’t always roll the clock on. A loss of resolve generation is less concerning than it sounds and the fatigue or light injury time can be offset by travel time.
Only the single highest 'Mech + Pilot combination Resolve generation bonus will be used but Light 'Mech affinity, and negative Pilot quirks are outside of this limitation.

Gunnery and Piloting provide a 2% bonus to hit, rather than 2.5%.
Piloting skill steps provide a bonus to stability.
Minimum Range bonuses reduce the negative from firing in minimum range, it does not reduce the minimum range.
Bulwark pilots are +1 easier to hit when they are buffed by Bulwark (when not playing Simulation +).
Tier 1 Piloting ignores the movement penalty from Foggy or Dusty weather conditions.
Tier 2 Piloting skill is now Evasive Expert, a chance to keep evasion when fired upon. The amount of pips that this will start to kick in with is higher the faster the mech is. Using Jump Jets increases your kept minimum by 1 for that turn.
Tier 2 Tactics skill, Master Tactician, now also provides the bonus of the previous Ace Pilot skill, allowing the pilot to move after shooting.
In Simulation + Multi Target also ignores 1 negative to hit for heat.
In Simulation + Breaching Shot ignores all negative to hit for heat.
In Simulation + Bulwark instead now provides a guarded state when taking a move action outside of cover. This does not apply from a Jump action, Sprint action and it does not provide a guarded state in addition to cover.

Autocannons have had general heat decrease, stability damage increase and in the AC2’s case a small damage increase.
AC2s have no refire penalty.
Ultra Auto Cannons and LBX Autocannons have weapon modes. They can be switched in mode in mission with the middle mouse button. UACs can be fired single fire mode to reduce heat build up and deal with refire issues. LBX Autocannons can be switched to solid slug mode, able to fire standard Autocannon ammunition but with reduced stability damage compared to standard ACs. The AI will use weapon modes against you.
Flamers have no ammo but now do some of their heat damage over two turns.
Improved LRMs do not have stability increases, and indirect fire is slightly less accurate.
Pulse lasers and Streak SRMs ignore some evasion, check the tool tips.
Inner Sphere Pulse lasers have tabletop weapon ranges but also have an extreme range with a heavier to hit penalty.
Support weapons are slightly less accurate and receive a -2 to hit penalty when using Jump Jets.
Weapons that can be found are more heavily based on lore. The Heavy Metal expansion added many weapons that make no sense in a game set in 3025. While no weapons are removed, and in fact many more are added, the chance of certain weapon types appearing is much more based on the date in game, the area of space you are in and the type of planet you are visiting. For example there is no such thing as an LBX 20 prior to 3058 outside of the Clans (who will be fielding them when they arrive), and wont start being available in the Inner Sphere until 3058. Availability will depend on where you are, however it is possible that they may turn up early on a research planet.
Lots of other minor adjustments.

Argo Upgrades
Training pods can provide the ability to retrain a pilot one time ever per pilot.
Each Mech Bay provides a new bay that repairs at the same time. Automation upgrades improve the effectiveness of the extra bays.
The Machine Shop provides the ability to combine variants of the same Chassis that have the same engine and internals type. You cannot combine an endo mech with a non endo mech, same with ferro.
Maintenance costs reduced in early upgrades, but are higher for later upgrades.

Faction shops in Extended are the factories from the source books. Once allied with a faction you can visit their factories and pick up what they are building straight off the factory line. Their inventory is based on the source books and the date in game.

Simulation + only:
After you enter a mission 'Mechs will have components on them that have effects as they are lost. If a crit occurs in a slot that was already hit for multi slot components it is ignored.

Sensors (2 slots) - First crit -2 to hit, Second crit -4 to hit
Life Support (2 slots) - A crit in either slot destroys the Life Support, pushing heat in to the red causes a pilot injury (Poor Life Support 'Mechs will take 2 damage to the Pilot)

Engine Shielding (6 slots + sides for XL/Light/Clan XL) - +10 heat per turn per crit, 4 crits causes an engine explosion destroying the Center Torso
Gyro (4 slots) - First crit increases the minimum stability, 2nd crit will destroy the Gryo increasing minimum stability further, minimize movement and knock down the mech.

Shoulder - Destruction overrides the loss of weapon accuracy for Upper and Lower Arm actuator loss and adds +4 to hit with weapons on this arm
Upper Arm - Destruction adds +1 to hit with weapons on this arm, -melee damage
Lower Arm - Destruction adds +1 to hit with weapons on this arm, -melee damage (If the 'Mech has no Lower Arm stock then the weapon accuracy is not affected but -melee damage is)
Hand - +1 to hit in melee per missing/destroyed Hand

Hip - Increased minimum stability and halves movement
Upper Leg - Reduces movement, max stability reduced
Lower Leg - Reduces movement, max stability reduced
Foot - Reduces movement, stability threshold reduced

Notable changes for tabletop players (and why):
A cockpit component is not added as adding a 1 shot kill crit component was decided against.
When HBS made BattleTech they effectively gave all 'Mechs CASE for free which stopped ammo explosions bleeding in to other locations. In Tabletop rules ammo explosions would often destroy a 'Mech from some unlucky RNG and I didn’t want to add another RNG death to the game. Therefore I made 'Mechs that would receive CASE, a half ton component, receive CASE II, a 1 ton component in it’s place.
Engines take 4 crits to destroy, allowing an Inner Sphere XL engine to survive a side torso loss but at the cost of crippling heat. XL engines have always had questionable value which is in contrast to the massively increased c-bill cost and desirability in lore. This change keeps some vulnerability but is less of a death trap than before. A Clan XL or Light engine will still handle the loss of a side torso better taking only 2 crits and 20 heat per turn as a result.
Double Heat Sink engines provide 40 cooling base, as opposed to the 30 from a standard Fusion Engine or the 60 that tabletop rules would provide. This is for multiple reasons. Jordan Weisman stated that Double Heat Sink engines were the one thing he would change in hind site, and has been changed in other BattleTech games such as Mechwarrior Online. Some weapon’s heat has been adjusted to work within a standard heat sink world, such as the reduced heat of PPCs, which would be close to useless in a standard heat sink world using tabletop heat values. Double Heat Sink engines are a free upgrade, no weight, no crit slots, and as such a 1.33 scale bonus is more appropriate.
In tabletop there were rules to customise 'Mechs more heavily, adding Endo Steel to a chassis for example, or changing the engine. In lore however, performing such a task would require a factory level rework, and in game terms means that a 65 ton 'Mech is like any other 65 ton 'Mech but with different starting conditions. For Extended, primarily for gameplay reasons, I kept that 'Mechs are way more unique, not allowing such levels of customisation, improveing replayability as you experience trying out different 'Mechs and making collecting different 'Mechs more significant. If you want an Endo Steel Centurion you will have to earn one, fight who is using them or ally with them. Change notes:
Steiner and Davion had some Training Battalions that would potentially see some action based on their colleges. These have been added to the map based on the Timeline as potential units to face.
Fixed the amount of crits being ignored as hitting the same location for Engine and Gyro crits in Simulation +.
Multiple very minor fixes and adjustments. Change notes:
Reworked and improved non combatant convoy based vehicle choices.
Resized some Vees in attempt to standardize sizes.
Heavily reduced the Clan Heavy Large Laser heat.
Made attempts to improve the AI reserve logic, should make less bad reserve choices. Will still make mistakes but should be less now.
Fixed the ranges of 2 of the Clan Artemis IV SRM launchers.
Fixed the unintended massive health values of objective buildings.
Fixed the unintended resistance to injuries that weren’t head shots.
Fixed the Venom internal structure and max armour values.
Fixed 'Mechs repeatedly falling over from Gyro destruction. Change notes:
Fixed certain quirks such as Searchlight and other quirks that weren’t working as intended in Simulation + mode.
Switched some Clan LBX Autocannon ammo over to standard ammo so they also can take advantage of Solid Slug firing mode. Change notes:
New Features / Mechanics changes:
Timeline covered has been extended, now goes from 3025 until 3061, including all the new factions, map changes, 'Mechs, factory changes, units moving around and new units appearing.
Missions are affected by weather, gravity and atmosphere conditions, this is represented visually. You are warned in the contract description of these conditions. They are not game defining but will give you a reason to have varied load outs to bring the ideal 'Mechs for each mission. This means planet information is more important. Size of planet affects the gravity, different biomes will be potentially affected by different conditions, and Planet Wide Storms planets will have harsher versions of certain weather conditions. Hover the mouse over a biome to see what the actual effects are of each condition that can affect that biome.
Wolfs Dragoons will rarely give missions to, amongst other things, help them gain recruits and have a unique faction shop on Outreach that can be gained through ‘alliance’. Of course also having new 'Mechs that they design appear in this shop within the time period of the mod.
Tons of new technology and weapons are around at certain dates, with a more refined inclusion of new technology in the earlier periods. This includes plenty of faction specific rare stuff to find, depending on date.
Ultra Autocannons now have weapon modes. UACs can be switched between Rapid Fire or Single Fire modes by middle mouse button on the weapon list, bottom right, in mission. This can be used for drastically less heat, ammo conservation or for dealing with refire penalties. The AI will also use this against you.
LB-X Autocannon weapons have weapon modes. The original mode, Cluster Shots, still use the standard Cluster ammo. They can be switched to use standard Autocannon ammo in Slug Shot mode by middle mouse button on the weapon list, bottom right, in mission. The Slug Shot mode will be equivelant to an Autocannon of similar quality, but doing a lot less stability damage. To use Slug Shots requires the use of standard Autocannon ammo, so an LB-10X would require LB-10X ammo for Cluster shots, or AC10 ammo for Slug Shots. The choice is effectively high stabilty, high damage but spread out vs low stability, lower damage but high single point damage. The AI will choose which mode to fire the weapon in based on the ammo bins it has available and what it can achieve.
New ‘difficulty’ Simulation +. Mostly the same as Simulation, in mission 'Mechs have the components of Tabletop 'Mechs, these components can be crit with effects described below, this makes 'Mech degredation more interesting and has potential to improve the tactics in the Tactical layer. Simulation + also includes a reworked Bulwark that is more in line with other skills.

Simulation mode only changes:
When going in to the red overheat bar, before hitting maximum heat, no damage is taken but you have a chance to shut down, the chance is based on how much you have overheated. 2% chance to shut down per 1 heat over. Maximum heat will always shut you down.
Different levels of heat will apply a ‘to hit’ negative for the following turn. You are warned on screen what the penalty will be next turn so you can select which weapons to fire based on it.

Skill changes:
Multi Shot ignores 1 to hit modifier from heat, allowing more heat before following turns will be affected. In non Simulation mode this means you ignore the to hit penalty for being in the red.
(Sim mode only)Breaching shot allows the pilot to ignore all to hit penalties from heat for any shot, not just precision strikes.

Sure footing allows the pilot to ignore the movement penalties from foggy or dusty conditions.

Coolant Vent will ignore the to hit modifiers from heat for the turn it is applied.

'Mech quirks have been updated to work with the new systems, such as Searchlight removing the negative effects of light conditions until it is destroyed.
Balance changes:
Inner Sphere Pulse weapons have been given an ‘extreme’ range, still slightly shorter than the standard versions of weapons and at a higher to hit penalty if between long and extreme.
LB-10X has 10 shots per ammo bin
*Reminder that the mod is best balanced at Simulation game mode as such:
The heat changes intentionally will slightly affect balance between the different weapon types.
The skill changes intentionally make some under used skills slightly more in line with the more popular skills. This allows more variety in choice being viable.
End game precision shots are not as precise at hitting the intended location. This only affects Called Shot Mastery, so end game. This was necessary because at certain levels of gear + pilot skill the game could become mundane.
Hit defence gyros have been rebalanced slightly so you can’t game too much ‘to hit’ negatives for the AI to handle given the new weather systems.
Clan 'Mechs by default have the Difficult to Maintain and Non Standard Parts 'Mech quirks.
Support weapons have a -2 to hit when using Jump Jets
Only one TTS component can be installed per 'Mech
One ton + + + versions of TTS have been changed to ignore 1 evasive of their respective weapon type rather than +3 to hit.

Geeky stuff:
When units such as Mercenaries switch employer, now, rather than switch table instantly to their new employer they will slowly look like the other factions units over 20 years, so for example the 15th Dracon Regiment have just left Draconis Combine employ in 3025 but are now employed by the CCAF. In 3025 if you fight Liao near where they are stationed and they are the Op For they will be using Kurita mechs based in 3025. By 3045 they would look like a Liao unit. In 3035 they would be half using current Liao stuff, half be using Kurita stuff from 3025. As you can imagine this will vary 'Mechs on the field slightly in different areas of space.
Reworked rarity of about 80% of things in the mod to better balance what is given as random salvage in the non selected loot.
Added all the Clan 'Mechs from the latest source books relevant to the time period and added tons of second line as you are attacking garrison units.
180+ new 'Mechs, including brand new models, new variants. And many of the existing ones have more appropriate non substitute models.

Reduced memory footprint used by mods and added some extra dynamic memory usage to eek out the best performance possible during missions and improved load times.
Corrected how vehicles were being picked inappropriately at times.
Made changes to the Bullshark to be consistant with the rest of the mod.
Clan Mechs (and Light Fusion Engines) will be destroyed if both sides of the XL engine are destroyed.
When you get random salvage after you have selected your picks Double Heat sinks (and certain other items) can now be picked.
Fixed some tooltips being too big for a 1080 display
Fixed Fewer Head Injuries equations to remove erroneous results and make more sense, current armor and weight of the hit determine if the Injury is resisted and structure damage to the Head always causes injury. Previously the weight of the hit didn’t matter, only current armor and there were weird things like a 5 damage hit to 5 armor on the head always hurt but 6 damage or more had a chance to resist.
Countless minor corrections

Installation (60.4 MB)

Battletech Extended is a compilation of mods and requires a few steps to get started. You will need a clean mods folder for this.

Step 1 - Battletech Extended

Download and unzip the BattleTech Extended .zip file to …\Steam\steamapps\common\BATTLETECH\Mods\

You should see close to 54 folders within your …BATTLETECH\Mods folder including BT_Extended, BT_Extended_3050, BT_Extended_CE, etc.

Step 2 - Community Asset Bundle

Download the Community Asset Bundle Installer and run it.

Your “Install Target” will be your …BATTLETECH\Mods folder.
Your “Checkout workspace” should be located on the same harddrive.
Click “Update CAB”

Step 3 - ModTek

To finalize the installation, you must go to the …BATTLETECH\Mods\ModTek\ folder and run the ModTekInjector.exe

Step 4 - Bigger Drops (40.2 KB)

If you wish to play with more than a single lance but have potentially more enemies and allies leading to longer missions and bigger battles then download and unzip the optional Bigger Drops patch in to your …BATTLETECH\Mods folder and overwrite when prompted. This will require a new save file.

I haven’t set up a patreon but any tips sent through to paypal are appreciated.

Remember other mods like the Community Asset Bundle, Mission Control which is included with Extended and other mods included would also appreciate any donations where they accept them.

Many people contributed to the making of this mod. Thank you!

Special thanks to:
Harebrained Schemes for the Battletech game and their help to support modders.
Special mention to HBS Eck for his tireless help answering any modding questions I’ve had.
PGI for their two BattleTech universe games, and for giving permission for modders to use their 'Mech models within mods for Battletech.
MegaMek is an online version of the BattleTech Tabletop game. I have to thank them for their data on planet ownership changes, it was invaluable.
Sarna for their site, and all of the contributors, for such an awesome collation of details of all things BattleTech.

In no particular order,

Mech definitions outside of base game models
Mechs and technology post 3025 timeline including clans
Game balance, weapons, equipment, abilities etc.
Skill changes
Full Xotl tables faction mech rarity that adjusts over time
Bespoke adjustments to the Inner Sphere map, updates over time, shops rework and changes over time, hiring hubs, new factions
Units and Mercenary additions and functionality to accommodate them.
’Inner Merc’ events describing new mech releases
New tech such as Streak SRMs, Ferro, Artemis, CASE etc.
Mech Quirks
Mech icon artwork
Extra missions including possible Bounty Hunter turning up
Many other adjustments such as Simulation + extra functionality, hit chance, heat changes, weapon modes, Random mech starting pool by faction, lower CT crits, appropriate pilots for mechs, minor AI improvements, and everything else!
Help with Fluff Writing: Wi1D_K4rD, craig77
jamie wolf: Mech Affinity
Start Date selectable in difficulty options
Clan mech definitions
Tons of script related changes to files like integrating Inner Sphere map updates to the bespoke version
Many fluff based events
Clan mech definitions
‘Inner Merc’ events describing new mech releases
Multiple new Flashpoints
RJPhoenix: Some ComStar missions and other various tweaks including Diamond Shark addition and unit display code.
Moved various flashpoints around the map.
Extended Xotl tables from 3057 until 3061.
Glucose: One Point Armor Adjustment
panser: Tabltop armor point mod
Justin Kase: JK_Variants, JK_Rarity, GiveThemKell, Give me Death, M.A.S.H. Truck
3025 Comstar events
Extra lore adherance adjustments such as a few star system movements and other improvements
Mech icon artwork help
Extra missions
don Zappo: s, Pilot Fatigue, Repair Bays
Updating the following mods as the base game breaks them: CBTBehaviours, DropCostPerMech, MonthlyTechandMoraleAdjustment, Stabile Piloting
Adjustments of mods to only occur in certain difficulty levels
gnivler: Panic System, FewerHeadInjuries
Star Wars scrawl intro implementation for Timeline
Redferne: Firing Line Improvements (BTML Color LOS) for BEXCE
Cap’n Morgan: Beta testing
Doyle: Beta testing
TheEdmon: Scrawl text for timeline introduction, GaW testing
mpstark: LogoReplacement, MechSpin, NavigationComputer, InnerSphereMap, Timeline
Morphyum: InnerSphereMap, BiggerDrops
janxious/jo: 'Mech Resizer, FYLS, Firing Line Improvements (BTML Color LOS)
m22spencer: BattletechPerformanceFix
Amechwarrior: BetterAI, The Raid
FrostRaptor: BTRandomStartByDifficultyMenu, Loot Magnet, IRTweaks
CWolf: Mission Control
Drowsy Corgi: RogueTechPerfFix
t-bone: IRTweaks

Unit Artwork

ModTek Team

CommunityAssetBundle (CAB) Team
All mechs ported from MWO and whole new mech models. See the CAB page for contributors.

cFixes Team
Justin Kase

Various other people in the mod community have helped me with my questions, thank you and I wish you good health.

Reserved 10 characters

Download and unzip the BattleTech Extended .zip file to …\Steam\steamapps\common\BATTLETECH\Mods\

Umm… what about non-Steam versions? I have a GOG one… I presume it’s just the installation folder? It doesn’t contain any “Mods” folder, so I’m going to make one and see if it runs…

Also, the Commander Portrait Loader seems not to be a part of this pack? I’m going to try adding it as well, as I pretty much need that one…

Thanks for doing this, by the way. I just stumbled on this randomly today, which is interesting, since this is rather newly posted here.

Yeah, the custom portrait loader seems to be working just fine with BEX.

Battletech BEX + custom commander portrait loader

Enabling saving in mid-deployment tutorial
(if anybody wants to do this, do it before the Step 3 - ModTek)

Go to the BT_Extended_CE folder in your game-installation-folder/Mods folder, open mod.json and change “CombatSavesDontWorkEnableAnyway” from false to true. They won’t work on the very first tutorial mission, but I’ve tested them in the second tutorial mission when there weren’t any enemies and it worked perfectly. No glitches in that instance. But the loading times are killing me inside (I only use SSDs for systems and cheap SSDs for recording and rendering raw footage…)

WARNING: As the variable says, combat saving can be glitchy as fuck.
Don’t save unless you absolutely have to (long mission…), save only when
there’s nothing happening and on your turn (no mechs moving around, etc.). If you load while it is not your turn (like rage-loading on failure to hit by loading during the enemy turn), then expect it to fuck up.

Updated to Change notes:
Fixed certain quirks such as Searchlight and other quirks that weren’t working as intended in Simulation + mode.
Switched some Clan LBX Autocannon ammo over to standard ammo so they also can take advantage of Solid Slug firing mode.

Is there a method to change the starting mechs in both campaign and career mode? I attempted to change the mech IDs in the SimGameConstants.json file located in the SteamApps\common\BATTLETECH\BattleTech_Data\StreamingAssets\data\simGameConstants folder, but it did not change the mechs at the start of a new campaign/career. Because of the BTE mod, is there a different file I need to edit?