Battletech Multiplayer fix

I provide a copy of the post by TinyWiking and a backup of the file here after the google drive had gone awol

In order to get multiplayer working again as soon as possible, we are releasing a mod that will remove the dependency on a deprecated chat filter service so the game can create lobbies and send chat messages in multiplayer. Special thanks to the two modders – Jamie Wolf and CWolf – who helped get the mod creation consistent with what the community expects. And thanks to FireDogForge and Bronzite who helped with testing. (6.9 KB)

Installations Instructions (included in the README.txt)

Mods are not enabled by default, so make sure they are:

Start BattleTech​

At the main menu, click on mods in the bottom left corner​

Make sure Mods Enabled is checked​

Close BattleTech​

Extract the zip files into a folder named BtMpFix and move that folder to your mods directory. The location of the mods folder differs with the operating system.

Windows: C:\Users{user_name}\Documents\My Games\BattleTech\mods​

macOS: : /Users/{user_name}/My Games/BattleTech/mods​

Linux: /home/{user_name}/My Games/BattleTech/mods​

Be sure to replace {user_name} with your actual user name.​

The folder structure should look like this when you’re done: **{Your Mods Folder}/BtMpFix/{Contents of Mod}**​

When extracting a zip file, depending on your setup, it can create a containing folder for the newly extracted files. Make sure you DON’T have …/BtMpFix/BtMpFix/{Contents of Mod}​

If you’re concerned about a malicious dll, you can verify the SHA1 hash of the file by running the following command in your mods/BtMpFix folder:

**On Windows:**​

Open a command terminal - For Windows: (Windows key-R) cmd.exe​

Navigate to your …/mods/BtMpFix folder​

Execute the following command:​

certutil -hashfile BtMpFix.dll​

**On Linux:**​

Execute the following command in the BtMpFix mod directory:​

sha1sum BtMpFix.dll​

The output of that command should be:

SHA1 hash of BtMpFix.dll:​


CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.​

The mod isn’t showing up.

  1. Make sure Mods are enabled. When Mods Enabled is unchecked, no mods are loaded at all.​

  1. Double check and make sure the mod has been extracted into the proper folder. See above, for more details.​

  1. Sometimes your operating system or browser can protect you from files you download. In Windows, these files can become “blocked”. To unblock a file on Windows:​

Right click the file in the File Explorer​

Click properties​

If the file is “Blocked”, Near the bottom of the general panel should be an option to “Unblock” the file.​

Do this for the BtMpFix.dll and mod.json files.​

If there isn’t an option to unblock the file, this wasn’t the problem.​

The mod isn’t loading.

Make sure the BattleTech Multiplayer fix is enabled​

Start the game​

Click on mods button in the bottom left​

Make sure Mods Enabled is checked​

Make sure BattleTech Multiplayer Fix is checked​

Restart BattleTech​

I receive the error message:

ComStar connection has been rejected:​

Server failed to respond in time.​

This is a problem that existed before the deprecated chat service started causing problems. It happens off and on.​

Some players tend to have better luck joining a lobby when they disable the Auto Refresh lobbies option, but that might just be a coincidence.​

I can create a lobby, but my friend can’t join it.

Make sure your friend also has the BattleTech Multiplayer Fix mod installed and enabled. Without that, they won’t be able to join.​

Make sure your friend doesn’t have a different set of mods than you do. If either of you has a mod that the other doesn’t, then you can’t join the same lobby. This is to make sure someone didn’t do something like bump their large laser damage up do 10000 in their data files on their computer.​

Some other problem?

In your mods folder, there should be a file named modloader.log that will record information and problems encountered when loaded.​

Upload the contents of that file to a forum post with as much detail as you can provide to the bug support forums:​​