Bind Enter To Mouse

Bind Enter To Mouse


A very simple mod which binds the enter key to mouse button 4 and escape to mouse button 5. The binds can be configured and disabled.

Nearly every dialog and action can be activated by the enter key, but it is not bindable. The enter key’s position makes it more difficult to use than necessary.

Some of the most used actions:

  • Combat - just about every confirmation (fire, reserve, accept sensor lock, etc.)
  • Nearly every “confirm” action of dialogs.
  • Repair mech.
  • Contract negotiations, begin mission.


Download the mod from Releases · NBKRedSpy/BindEnterToMouse · GitHub. Unzip to the Battletech Mods folder.

mod.json Settings

Name Default Description
EnterMouseBind Mouse4 The mouse button to bind Enter to.
EscapeMouseBind Mouse5 The mouse button to bind Escape to.


To disable a binding, set the binding value to None.


Safe to add and remove from existing saves.

Should be compatible with any mod that does not rebind the target mouse button or the “Return” keybinding action.


Special thanks to gponick. This is completely based off of their Escape Key binding code found here:

The BTMLAddBindableEscapeKey has more options for binding escape than this version.