Classic Fallout Road Retexture


Hey, I’m back.

This mod does exactly what it says on the tin, It replaces the old road textures with new ones I made myself. This time without redoing an old idea.

Also, be sure to turn or Archive Invalidation. Otherwise, this mod won’t work.

The idea to do this came to me while watching Mutant mods Classic fallout mod list for New Vegas video. He mentioned how there was no texture. And well, I made one because I figured why not.

That’s it. Be sure to report to me any issues and questions you have.

Known Issues: No Normals maps, so lighting will be off. Also, textures may not blend very well with the landscape, I tried my best, but let me know when it pops up.

My friend Apple on discord for Sending me screenshots, and making me aware of archive invalidation being a thing.
Gr8Sl8 for playtesting the mod, without him it would’ve been released looking half-assed
Webb production2020s discord for being awesome.
Nuke4duke for his Shrek x Guts profile. It slaps harder than a Hispanic mother hearing the word “atheism”.

Classic Road Retexture (4.9 MB)