Consistent Travel Time


Consistent Travel Time

Changes the travel time to a planet to be consistent in all situations.


There is an inconsistency in the travel times to systems. If you do not want to know about it, skip this mod. Once you see it, you cannot unsee it. I’ve said too much. It may be too late for you.

Battletech Travel Times

Vanilla Battletech has two different times to travel to a planet:

  • When ending a navigation, the time to the planet is the “Jump Distance”, which is anywhere from 1 to 16 days.
  • When aborting a jump and traveling to the system, the time to planet is the “Planet Cost”, which is generally 3 days.

This mod allows the user to use either the Planet Cost or Jump Distance and defaults to Planet Cost. This mod does not affect the time required to travel from the planet to the jump ship, which is always Jump Distance.


Setting Default Description
UseLowerAmount true For PlanetCost strategy only. If false, will always use the planet’s travel cost (3 days). Otherwise, will use the lower of the travel cost and jump distance.
PlanetTravelStrategy PlanetCost Determines how many days it will take to travel to a planet. Can be PlanetCost or JumpDistance. See the Planet Travel Strategy Settings section.

Planet Travel Strategy Settings

Strategy Description
PlanetCost Will be the same time as canceling navigation and going directly to the planet. Generally 3 days.
JumpDistance Will be the Jump Distance, which is the same time as navigating directly to the planet without canceling. Generally 1-16+ days.

Strategy Descriptions

Planet Cost

The default setting for this mod is PlanetCost.

The PlanetCost strategy setting changes the number of days required to reach the planet to always be as if the player planned to overshoot a system, canceled navigation, and then traveled to the local system.

Plant Cost Opinions

Some users may consider the Planet Cost strategy as cheating or an exploit. Others may consider this strategy as a vanilla Min/Max QoL change that takes out the work of needing to over navigate and cancel.

Either way, it’s a single player game so I say play it however you like.


Currently the total days estimated for a navigation does not take into account the reduced travel time to the target planet. This is a UI mismatch and may be addressed in the future.

Jump Distance

The JumpDistance strategy uses the planet’s Jump Distance number of days to travel to the planet. This is the same time as vanilla takes to travel from a planet to the Jump Ship.


Safe to add and remove from existing saves.

May conflict with mods that change the travel time to planets or overrides game functionality used to create navigation plans.

Mods which use the standard .json merge will not conflict.


Source can be found at GitHub - NBKRedSpy/ConsistentTravelTime: Battletech mod to make travel times to planets consistent.

Change: 2.0 supports JumpDistance

I don’t understand what this mod does exactly. Does it make it so it shows correct travel time? Or does it make travel time shorter?

It can make the travel time shorter or longer, depending on how you set it :wink:

TBH, I didn’t even know this was a thing until I happened to notice that a planet I was traveling to would sometimes take 15 days and sometimes 3 days. And thus this mod was born.

Give it a try in the game without the mod installed.

Navigate to a planet two jumps away. When the ship is at the 1st planet, cancel the navigation. Travel to the local system. it will take about three days. The game calls this value the “Planet Cost”

To test the second scenario, navigate to a system two jumps away. Instead of canceling the navigation, let the ship reach the system, automatically undock, and travel to the planet in that system. It will most likely take more than three days. It can be anywhere from 1-16 days. The game calls this value “Jump Distance”.

This mod makes it so the time to travel to the planet is always the “Planet Cost” or the “Jump Distance” based on how it is configured.

Hope this helps.

Which one is faster? Planet cost or jump distance?