Faster Turns



Speeds up turns by reducing the beginning of turn banner display time.
When each side begins a turn, the “Your Turn” banner is displayed; however, the AI won’t actually start it’s turn until the banner disappears or the user presses a key.

This mod changes the default 1.5 second banner display to .1 seconds. Turns are quite a bit quicker when there are a lot of interleaved turns (your turn, enemy turn, ally turn), a lot of non attack moves (closing in), or reserving down to one initiative.

No animations or game speed is modified.


This should be compatible with all mods.
Safe to add to and remove from existing saves.

mod.json Settings

Setting Description
StartTurnDelaySeconds = .1 The time in seconds to show the turn banner.


The ModTek mod loader must already be installed and configured.

Download the latest from here and unzip to the Battletech Mods folder.