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Have a burning need for that one button? See a gap in the use of the site? Add your ideas here!


One thing I’d love to see is the ability to rearrange or curate the order in which my mods appear, both on my profile and under the My Mods section, so that if I wanted, I could group all my most popular mods together and have quick access to them all regardless of the date they were uploaded, and without having to sort by a different filter (i.e. number of endorsements). User-definable subgroups would also be nice, so for example I could have Mega-Packs, Customizable Companions, Player Homes, Standalone Weapons, etc.

Also, the ability to have permissions pre-sets would be great, so that I don’t have to reselect the same permissions every time I upload a new mod. It would remember the settings I chose last time and have them pre-filled out for me.

I’d also suggested a polls feature previously on the Discord, so that authors can ask for opinions before committing to a big change.


These are good, thank you :slight_smile:

Ability to link multiple accounts to a single mod, for team projects.

Ability to change text color (especially be able to make YELLOW text for important bits)

I just posted one of my mods from “The Site Whom Shall NOT be Named” and got to thinking; the ability to be able to track how many times the file was downloaded from the site would be nice if it could be managed.

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Several requests have come in for a closed beta/invite only system for mod releases.

Make sure the main site has an integrated malware checker for file uploads


Before I post something, had a quick question. The community for the game Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, has reached a pretty serious apex in terms of modding. We’ve almost finished re’ing scripting, we have a working level editor, several mods, etc etc. At the moment, we’re hosting all mods in a public discord, but that’s obviously sub optimal.

I reached out/posted to nexus one of the mods I completed, with instructions on how to install to dolphin. This mod would also work on the original xbox (albeit with a performance hit due to it being a graphics overhaul).

Despite their tos stating mods for non-pc platforms was acceptable, I was told to “delete my mod since it wasn’t on pc”

So I did. I came across ragebears profile on nexus and thought this would be a wonderful start in terms of hosting mods.

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Welcome! Your mods, ANY mods, for ANY platform, are absolutely welcome here. And once the full site has been finalized we’ll be transferring everything on the server end, so that you won’t have to worry about re-uploading etc. I’ll create you a category right now.

It’s up now, and you are free to do whatever you like with it. Our filesize limit at the moment is 50 mb per post, but it’s going to increase pretty soon.

Ok awesome!

Just for complete transparency, some of these mods are made using dev tools that have been acquired from the developers/founders of the game studio. If that’s something you guys wouldn’t be comfortable with, that’s totally understandable.

I’m looking into it and I’ll let you know ASAP

I poked around and I couldn’t quite see anything for or against publishing it externally. As long as we have your word that it’s not violating any copyright, licensing, or piracy laws, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The levels/mods themselves, unless they contain copyright infringing materials (ie music) absolutely not.

The tools are in a weird spot. We got them from one of the founders of the studio, which then got bought by blizzard. Internally, fang 2 is what metal arms shipped with, and is the current toolset we’ve acquired. Externally, fang was expanded and repurposed for ma2/star craft ghost. Our current toolset would violate swinging ape copyright (if they still existed, but more on that in a second), but not blizz’s. So it’s really up to your interpretation. He’s already given the go ahead in terms of distributing tools/mods himself so take that as you will.

Don’t intend on distributing tools here tho, just mods. Me

Sorry, I was having technical difficulties involving my teenager startling me :sweat_smile:
This all sounds fine. Welcome! :grin:

Can you guys fix the mod deletion bug please, I’m still unable to delete my own mods due to not having permission yet its my own mods and should be free to delete my mods if i please, thanks…

Hi Tel!
The process for deleting your mods is to delete the contents of your post and flag the stub for removal by admin. We will be happy to remove it ASAP. The bug itself cannot be resolved at this point because it’s built into the software we are using for the forums. We will not be carrying it over into the main site as we are building that from scratch. Thanks for reaching out, and let me know if you have any other concerns!

Sweet thanks sorry for the late reply