High Poly Head - Expressive Facial Animation - Male Edition - Eyebrow Fix

High Poly Head - Expressive Facial Animation -Male Edition - Eyebrow Fix


When you use HPH and EFA - male edition together, the animation file for the eyebrows have a tiny flaw. They move, too, when the character is blinking.

I fixed the TRI file for this and asked KouLeifoh if I can publish this as a HotFix until he has enough energy to publish his new version of the HPH.

And he gave me permission. :)

Install the file, let it overwrite everything/load after High Poly Head. This is only one tri file. No ESP/plugin.


Of course you need

High Poly Head SE - EFA - Eyebrow Male fix.7z (42.7 KB)

PERMISSION: NO upload anywhere else in full! If you need to add the TRI file to your follower or NPC overhaul mod, you can, as it is permited by KouLeifoh as well. But only when you credit him proper.