I need permision to use parts of DC Subway by REZ

I am working on an idea which includes Anacostia Crossing. The Sub Cars could be a real asset for my mod. I need some help too.
Not needing the entire setup as I have set up static cars on the main lines.
Here are my images. No mod released yet. Can release it here if you are interested?
Regards Fred

The link provided goes to the ‘My Nexus page’ (specific for each user), not the images you have uploaded. Additionally, which mod are you requesting permission to use assets from?

RageBear1984 - Admin

The Cars. I have dropped them to use them as an asset as is. Patch them in other words - Fred

Sorry, but I can’t find any mod on here by that name, DC Subway. If you need permissions for something, please contact the mod author; if you are having trouble with that, we may be able to assist.

RageBear1984 - Admin

It is solved thanks to bethjunkie. Thank you bethjunkie (bethjunkie's profile at Fallout 3 Nexus - Mods and community) for pointing me to the DC Subway (DC Subway at Fallout 3 Nexus - Mods and community) Car’s interior!
Here is my mod which is in an early stage WIP. I am biking a lot since this is the high season for it in Norway :slight_smile: The continuation of my Terra Sana will take some trime. Any comments or ideas are very welcome!
!::! Fred