LM's Rustic Rings

I was looking for something else and found those rings on CGTrader. I ported them for myself, but thought people might appreciate if I share them. I used partially textures from the artists and partially I remade them in Substance Painter.

It’s 6 rings and an AIO. They are unisex, therefore they a bit too large for female hands, but fit the male hands, too. Just like the original vanilla set-up.

  • BC7 4K ring textures, 1K box texture
  • Low Poly meshes
  • BSA archive
  • ESP flagged ESL
  • gonna use your own cubemaps
  • some stones gonna use your glacier textures

They don’t have individual ground meshes, because you anyway can’t find rings on the floor. So I looked, for publish, for a nice box. Which will be the inventory picture, too.

The AIO file contains all rings. So you can wear them all at once. I made this a bodyslide file and gave every ring a zap. So you make your own AIO. You can mix and match them how you want. It has no sliders at all, just the zaps. Don’t worry about the CBBE in the name of the BodySlide file, it was habit and I realized it only after I packed the whole mod.

They don’t have fancy names. They gonna be “Old Ring” #. The “AIO rings” is called “Grandmother’s Rings”. Either use AddItemMenu or console to get them.


Applications used:


  • No Upload in full, nor partially.
  • If you want to do something with them ask me for permission.

LM’s Rustic Rings.zip (145.2 MB)

Have Fun!

Cheers Leeloo/LittleMissF