LM's Serana Valerica High Poly Head Overhaul


Without this amazing Mod Authors I couldn’t make my Overhauls! Thanks for giving me permission to use your amazing assets! <3 (I hope I didn’t forgot anyone, if I did, please bonk me on my nogging and I will fix asap!)


Kalilies - KS Hairdos SSE - Hair for both NPCs


KouLeifoh - High Poly Head - Head Mesh

Niroku - Expressive Facegen Morphs - A massive help in making realistic faces

Skin assets:

Khisartin - skin assets for Body, Face and hands.

Vobla - Nipples

Ousnius and Caliente - CBBE normal hand seams patching and dirt overlay

Maevan2 - Body textures

Shingles Cat - Normal Maps lips


DomainWolf - Female Makeup Suite

PockyPunk1 - Freckles


Kalilies - KS Jewelry SSE - Earings for both NPCs

newermind43 - Piercings for Serana

kozakowy - Mythic Dawn Priestess Outfit - Claws for Valerica


kozakowy - 1660 Gown - Valerica’s Outfit


cALAMIN - HD Cubemap Collection

Vobla - Cubemap resources

Used applications, photoshop, Substance Painter, Outfitstudio, Nifskope, xedit, creation kit, CAO.


Some of the textures are my own.


NO UPLOAD ANYWHERE ELSE. No permission to use the assets in your mod. If you have a question concerning permission of something, contact me via pm and I redirect you to the mod author in question. Thanks!

This mod overhauls Serana and Valerica. I implemented the Hood in a way, that it won’t cause any issues with new hair. It was a struggle, it’s super annoying and was costing me a lot of nerves and non existing energy. So there’s no need for a hood patch, nor do you need to worry hairclipping, not as vampire, nor healed.

  • Serana has new healed eyes as well.

  • They use their own skins, Jewellery (unequippable) and Valerica uses her own Outfit.

  • ESP flagged ESL

  • USSEP changes are forwarded

  • Conflicting assets are loose, to avoid blackface issues. Everything else is packed in a BSA, Skintextures, facetints are uncompressed, everything else is BC7 compressed.

  • The mod comes with a bodyslide file for Valerica’s dress. It only addresses neck and wrist seams. So if you don’t change your wrists from the default, you don’t need to run it. If you have changed the default wrist slider settings, run the bodyslide file. Her outfit isn’t meant to get used by the player. Nor do I support to change Kozakowy’s amazing pieces by sliders. So this is really just simply to avoid wrist and neck seams, nothing more.

  • This mod needs to overwrite everything else. Load it last, so it overwrites any changes of the NPCs and the hood. LOAD IT LAST - on the mod panel and the plugin panel. Trust me - LOAD IT LAST! x’D Did I mention already - Load this mod LAST! x’D x’D x’D

Install with MO2 or manually. You can use Vortex, but I can’t recommend that mod manager. Best not use it.

I am sorry this time I am just to tired to make an ESP for NMM users. -_- When I can find some energy I will make an ESP patch. Promised!

VERY IMPORTANT - Serana has her OWN scripting and AI - she can’t be used with Follower Overhaul mods, you WILL break her. I REPEAT - serious Serana thinking meat damage - leave her brain alone. x’D Like…don’t do it. Don’t…NOPE…don’t think about it. Follower mods are made for the default follower system - NOT for unique ones like SERANA!

- T R U S T M E -



Hard Requierements

If you have issues let me know, I didn’t had any tester for this mod.



1.2 - 26th June 2023: changed textures for eyes and eyebrows, restructured some files, pls uninstall old version, install new.

  • No problem to switch at any time, nothing essential changed, no need for a new save.
  • If you have version 1.1 and prefer that one, there’s no need to update. Just use the older version.

1.1 - Forgot to opimize the textures to BC7 compressed and uncompressed! Sorry guys! Now all is opimized! :slight_smile:




Healed Version


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