LootInfo - Container is empty or I already opened-looted it

Loot Info - Container is empty or I already opened-looted it

by JC Denton

MOD Information

MOD Description

Displays beside the Loot/Open/Steal interaction button whether the content is empty, already been opened or looted.


  • The mod shows (empty) on the “loot/open/steal” button when the content is empty.
  • It also displays (dead) or (unconscious) on the npc name.
  • Localizations for Chinese/Czech/English/French/German/Italian/Polish/Russian and Spanish included.

Note: Already opened chests etc. (before this mod installed) are not displayed as “searched” after installation. You have to open it again, then the condition will be displayed correctly.


The requirement for CLAM - Compatibility Localizations All Mods was removed since we now use table patching for all localization files.

  • At least Kingdom Come: Deliverance v1.9.4 (because of table patching)

The mod won’t start on older versions of the game.

How to install with Vortex Mod Manger (VMM)

It’s recommended to use Vortex Mod Manger with hard link deployment for installation. The mod has been optimized for this purpose.

  • Get the file and save it to your desktop or your preferred location for downloaded files.
  • Start Vortex Mod Manger and choose MODS in the menu on the left.
  • On top in the menu bar click on the button install file.
  • Choose the downloaded Zip file when prompted.

If Vortex Mod Manger is properly configured, you have completed the installation. No further steps required.

If you need help with Vortex Mod Manager visit the Nexus Mods Discord.

How to uninstall with Vortex Mod Manger (VMM)

  • Start Vortex Mod Manger and choose MODS in the menu on the left.
  • Right click the mod in the list and choose to remove/delete
  • When prompted choose wether you want to delete the zip file or not.

Manual Install

  • Extract the downloaded ZIP file to your …\KingdomComeDeliverance\Mods folder

Manual Uninstall

  • Open Windows Explorer and navigate to your …\KingdomComeDeliverance\Mods folder
  • Delete the Folder LootInfo


Not compatible with mods that edit the following files:

Edited Files
  • Data\Scripts\Entities\AI\Shared\BasicAIActions.lua
  • Data\Scripts\Entities\AI\Boar_x.lua
  • Data\Scripts\Entities\AI\Cow_x.lua
  • Data\Scripts\Entities\AI\DeerDoe_x.lua
  • Data\Scripts\Entities\AI\Dog_x.lua
  • Data\Scripts\Entities\AI\Hare_x.lua
  • Data\Scripts\Entities\AI\Hen_x.lua
  • Data\Scripts\Entities\AI\Horse_x.lua
  • Data\Scripts\Entities\AI\NPC_Female_x.lua
  • Data\Scripts\Entities\AI\NPC_x.lua
  • Data\Scripts\Entities\AI\Pig_x.lua
  • Data\Scripts\Entities\AI\RedDeer_x.lua
  • Data\Scripts\Entities\AI\RoeBuck_x.lua
  • Data\Scripts\Entities\AI\Sheep_x.lua
  • Data\Scripts\Entities\WH\AnimStash.lua
  • Data\Scripts\Entities\WH\Nest.lua
  • Data\Scripts\Entities\WH\StashCorpse.lua

If you plan to use LootInfo along with:

be aware to load it after LootInfo (mod_order.txt in KingdomComeDeliverance\Mods required). The mod is fully compatible with Perkaholic - PTF updated (1.9.4-1.9.6) by DarkDevil428

Patched Tables

  • Localization\Chinese_xml\text_ui_ingame.xml
  • Localization\Czech_xml\text_ui_ingame.xml
  • Localization\English_xml\text_ui_ingame.xml
  • Localization\French_xml\text_ui_ingame.xml
  • Localization\German_xml\text_ui_ingame.xml
  • Localization\Italian_xml\text_ui_ingame.xml
  • Localization\Polish_xml\text_ui_ingame.xml
  • Localization\Russian_xml\text_ui_ingame.xml
  • Localization\Spanish_xml\text_ui_ingame.xml



In alphabetic order:

  • Cava1712 for reporting the horse mounting bug
  • daJbot from Pyros Software: Thanks for Guidelines 2015 - ReadMe and Description Page generator. Licensing/Legal
  • FESilencer for reporting of ‘Containers and NPCs seem to keep their searched tag even after re-spawning’
  • figo283 for looking after and updating my mod during my “absence”
  • Frostmoon113 for providing the latest fixes
  • guven34 Thanks for the bug report and your help to send me necessary files for review.
  • lionroot Thanks for your help to send me necessary files for review.
  • NiftyPower for reporting the horse mounting bug
  • Valikon for the russian translation
  • Warhorse Studios Thanks for this great game and for your help finding the solution for the “empty” feature.
  • Wiwra for his help with the polish translation

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