This is a really stupid mod. It (6.1 KB)
nables specified effects with EffectTriggerType OnHit to change the paintjob of the unit hit. You can have a paintgun actually paint mechs.

The following is a list (in no particular order) of all the “color swatches” available. These are the same as the colors you can choose in company customization, but they are not in the order they appear in company customization sooo… good luck I guess.

Blue_01 BrightPurple_01 Green_04 Metallic_Red Purple_05
Blue_02 BrightPurple_02 Green_05 Metallic_Silver Red_01
Blue_03 BrightRed_01 Greyscale_01 Orange_01 Red_02
Blue_04 BrightRed_02 Greyscale_02 Orange_02 Red_03
Blue_05 BrightWhite_01 Greyscale_03 Orange_03 Red_04
BrightBlue_01 BrightWhite_02 Greyscale_04 Orange_04 Red_05
BrightBlue_02 BrightYellow_01 Greyscale_05 Orange_05 Yellow_01
BrightGreen_01 BrightYellow_02 Metallic_Blue Purple_01 Yellow_02
BrightGreen_02 Green_01 Metallic_Chrome Purple_02 Yellow_03
BrightOrange_01 Green_02 Metallic_Copper Purple_03 Yellow_04
BrightOrange_02 Green_03 Metallic_Gold Purple_04 Yellow_05

mod.json settings follow:

"Settings": {
		"paintTypes": [
				"effectID": "Effect_PaintJobber",
				"RandomColors": true,
				"primaryMechColorID": "",
				"secondaryMechColorID": "",
				"tertiaryMechColorID": ""
				"effectID": "Effect_PaintJobber_MardiGras",
				"RandomColors": false,
				"primaryMechColorID": "Metallic_Gold",
				"secondaryMechColorID": "BrightPurple_01",
				"tertiaryMechColorID": "BrightGreen_02"

only one setting, paintTypes, which defines the new paints to be applied by a given effect.

effectID - the effect ID which will cause paint to change. can be any effect with EffectTriggerType.OnHit. MSPaint creates a dummy statistic you may use in lieu of an existing statistic effec (example effect at bottom of this document. dummy statistic is MSPainted.

RandomColors - bool. if true, new colors will be random, ignoring primaryMechColorID, secondaryMechColorID, and tertiaryMechColorID.

primaryMechColorID, secondaryMechColorID, and tertiaryMechColorID - strings. Color ID (from table above) of colors to use in new paint.

          "durationData": {},
          "targetingData": {
              "effectTriggerType": "OnHit",
              "triggerLimit": 0,
              "extendDurationOnTrigger": 0,
              "specialRules": "NotSet",
              "effectTargetType": "NotSet",
              "range": 0,
              "forcePathRebuild": false,
              "forceVisRebuild": false,
              "showInTargetPreview": false,
              "showInStatusPanel": false
          "effectType": "StatisticEffect",
          "Description": {
              "Id": "Effect_PaintJobber",
              "Name": "HAHAH",
              "Details": "mech change color look dumb",
              "Icon": "uixSvgIcon_status_sensorsImpaired"
          "nature": "Debuff",
          "statisticData": {
              "statName": "MSPainted",
              "operation": "Set",
              "modValue": "true",
              "modType": "System.Boolean"