Mechwarrior Gender Distribution


This mod allows the user to tweak the distribution of genders of the random pilots that appear in the hiring hall. This mod only changes the percentage chances of Males, Females, and Non Binary pilots from generating. The player may also go into the files and change these as they wish.
Did Amazons takeover the Battletech universe? then set the files to reflect it.

The file is SimGameConstants.JSON, and it is located in Battletech_Data/StreamingAssets/data/simgameconstants/

The generation of Males/Females/Non-Binaries is governed by the following lines of codes.

“MaleGenerationWeight” : 44,
 “FemaleGenerationWeight” : 46, “NonBinaryGenerationWeight” : 10,

This mod sets the weights to:
Males: 60%
Females: 35%
NonBinary: 5%

This is my own personal preferences, but is totally changeable to satisfy the individual user.

This mod works with Modtek, just unzip it into your MOD folder and then run modtek. (953 Bytes)