Medium Range for Battletech


This mod breaks down the Battletech ranges into three bands, Short, Medium, and Long as opposed to just the Short and Long of the base game. This is more inline with the tabletop game. I find this interesting as it makes your movement choices matter a little bit more and differentiates the weapons a bit more too.
In order to make this work I needed to add hit modifiers to the range bands as the base game just has short and medium with no modifiers.
I tried to keep the hit percentages close to what they would be in traditional Tabletop Battletech.

With no movement considerations and a Gunnery of 2-4 skill Short range hit percantage is in the 90-95% range, Medium range is in the 70-75% range, and long range is in the 50-55% range.

You can change these Range modifiers yourself in the Combatgameconstants file that is with this mod. A -2 is equal to +10% chance to hit. a 4 is equal to a -20%.

The numbers I used are:
Short: -2
Medium: +2
Long: +6

The Below file will add the medium range band to your basic (Vanilla) BATTLETECH game. (43.2 KB)

I have also finished a MOD that will add the medium range band to your BATTLETECH Extended Commander’s Edition 3025 game below. This particular MOD has several individual mod folders so you need to select the MOD folder to unpack the zip file to otherwise it will unpack the folders within another folder inside the MOD folder. (189.1 KB)

Version 1.1 - Minor file structure fixes.

This is a Modtek mod just unzip the folder into your MODS folder and run the modtek injector.

Future plans:

Planning to put out a version that will work with C-A-C and a version that will work with the 3025 Weapon Diversity mod.