NukaCola ID Note Fix

Adds a brighter light near the note fixing the problem of even seeing the note in the first place, I recently played the nuka challenge quest and the one problem i had was looking for the worker ID to continue the quest i made it all the way to the end of the Nuka Cola Factory and that was when i needed a worker ID code, i of course never had one so i looked up online and it said it was on a desk where i already visited only the kicker is i manged to take the laser pistol thats on the same desk that the paper was on but never noticed the paper.

So for them wanting to know what the fix is, the Fix is making the room alittle brighter so you can tell its a legit note you can pick up because when i did notice it, it looked like a static unobtainable note which is why i looked over it, this little extra light should be able to show the note more off and the fact you can pick it up.
NukaCola ID Note Fix-24208-1-0-1597577886.7z (536 Bytes)