Poster Expansion Pack: Fallout 3

Adds (does NOT replace) a total of 68 new posters around the Capital Wasteland. A mix of original work, and vintage ( WW2 and Atomic age) posters. New Nuka Cola (and assorted other companies) ads, movie posters, travel posters, propaganda, military recruitment, etc.

After all these years, I finally broke down and made and placed a bunch of new, lore-friendly posters. The original posters are good, but it’s the same 8 posters over and over and over…we get it, Super Duper mart exists. All existing posters are still in place and visible, but now they have some new friends!
In total, 68 new poster images; you can find them all over the place. Some are placed near existing posters (the new ones blend well), some are in new places. Metro stations, back alleys, below protected overhangs, inside buildings, new posters everywhere. All images have been properly weathered, with dirt, stains, tears, and color fading, so they blend in to the world.

New ads for Nuka Cola, Mentats, Med-X, Horizon and Skylanes airlines, and nuclear powered trains.
Movie posters are vintage Atomic Age Sci-fi and Horror; Astro Zombies, Flight to Mars, Invasion of the Saucer Men, etc. The selection fits the retro-futurism of Fallout very well, if I do say so myself.
Travel posters! See Zion National park, newly annexed Mexico, and other vacation hotspots!
Government propaganda; mix of military recruitment, and war-time “do your part” type messages.
A fair number public service type messages, such as disease treatment/prevention, keeping the fire escape clear, air raid instructions, etc.
A few other random posters.

Again, these are additions, not replacers. Existing posters are not changed in any way.


Full mod (mirror link): Poster Expansion Pack, Full mod

Mesh and textures only (mirror link): Poster Expansion Pack, mesh and texture ONLY

Full mod (32.9 MB)

This mod may not, in whole or in part, be reuploaded to any site other than ModsInExile without express permission.


just asking im downloading the poster pack with nexus and vortex so where would i put the texture files

If you download just the meshes/textures, put them in the games ‘Data’ folder.

You could also zip the meshes and textures folder up with the ESP and install it through Vortex that way.

Otherwise, I also included a link to the full mod (with plugin) here; you can install the ZIP folder / archive with Vortex.