Request for KCD mods

I love the mods you have for KCD. The only thing I want to say is … More mods from this creator, PLEASE!

I’m sorry, but I won’t release any more mods until the website is finished.


I’m trying my own hands at Kingdome Come : Deliverance modding, but I have problems finding the right information. I essentially want to mod the cut Bandit’s reinforced jack back into the game, but without the arm slot requirement (https://kingdom-come…reinforced_jack/). Do you know which file and or which line in tables.pak I need to change? Neither armor, nor clothing.xml have the equipment slots referenced, even though they are defined in equipment_slot.xml. I am pretty much at a dead end. I also don’t know if that’s changeable property at all or if it’s hard coded into the model mesh.

Thanks in advance.