Ronivader's Armor Compilation

This is the updated version of my armor compilation, a small stand-alone collection of armors I’ve made for other mod projects.

Ronivader’s Armor (4.0 MB)

The Wasteland Sheriff, Casual Commander, and Desert Wanderer outfits all have female meshes. At the moment, the Gumshoe’s Coat does not, but a female variant is planned.

Casual Commander
Commander 01
Commander 02

The Casual Commander Outfit can be found in a duffle bag in the Forlorn Hope Command Tent.

Wasteland Sheriff
Sheriff 01
Sheriff 02

The Wasteland Sheriff Outfit is in a duffle bag in the Primm Sheriff’s house.

Desert Wanderer

This one is in a duffle bag at the raider camp between the Mojave Outpost and Nipton.

Gumshoe’s Coat

This one is the newest, and least complete (for now). As stated earlier, there is currently no female mesh, and it will also clip with the vanilla pip-boy. Therefore, a handheld pip-boy replacer is required for this outfit. Eventually, I will make a pip-boy friendly sleeve, but the female mesh is more of a priority. That said, you can find it in a suitcase on the bed of Jay Barnes’ room in the Ultra-Luxe.

Closing Notes and Permissions
Thanks for checking it out, and be sure to keep an eye out for the larger projects these outfits were made for! If any of you take cool screenshots in these, send them my way. I’d love to see them.

If you’d like to use any of these in your own mods, etc., give me a shout here or on the community Discord and I will allow it on a case-by-case basis (but I’m usually happy to give you the go-ahead). Of course, do not upload this unedited to any other website without my express permission.


Ronny’s got the good armors

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