Room 77 - Player Home

This mod adds a small player home to one of the buildings placed in uptown, if you are new to the pitt dlc then you can only get the player home when you have completed the pitt arena and got your freedom to see Ashur, that way its not too op, since it wouldnt make sense if you got a player home as a first time slave.

The location to the door is in the room on the left near the ramp leading to Ashurs tower, its really not hard to find and is show in the first screenshots

Whats Add?
-Med Kit
-Work Bench

Pretty much the basics, also for aside note i have noticed the wall flickers sometimes i believe this is an object problem with its texture its not an issue at all. Aka its a vanilla problem,.
Room 77-24366-2-0-1601891382.7z (1.9 KB)