Show Mech Affinity

Battletech Show Mech Affinity

An extension for the Mech Affinity mod. This mod shows which pilots have an affinity with a specific chassis.
Rather than searching pilots for chassis affinity via the tool tips, the pilot list will be colored and sorted by level of affinity for the selected mech.



When in the contract loadout screen, click on a mech and all the pilots will have their rank icon changed to a color based on the pilot’s affinity.

The pilots on the right of the screen will also be sorted by the number of drops with the selected mech and then by name.

The affinity colors are:

Affinity level color
No Affinity (0) Black
< 10 Grey
< 20 Green
< 30 Blue
< 50 Purple
>= 50 Gold


Requires the Mech Affinity mod to be installed. Some Battletech projects will already have it installed. For example, Battletech Extended Comander Edition has Mech Affinity installed.

Mech Affinity on
Mech Affinity at BattleTech Nexus - Mods and Community


To install, download the zip file from the releases and extract to the Battletech Mods folder.

This assumes ModTek has been installed and injected.


This should be compatible with all mods.
Safe to add to and remove from existing saves.