Simplified Archery


One of the competition winners of “Stay Home. Make Mods” at Nexus Mods


When I used a bow in the game for the first time, I was extremely frustrated, because especially at the beginning, when bow and hunting are not yet skilled, it is difficult to hit the target. Since many other players seemed to have similar problems (I watched a lot of Twitch streamers), I got the idea for this mod.


The design of the mod has been revised and is now modular. You can choose between four different main versions and add more functionality to these with the optional files. The four main versions use different values for the individual parameters of the bow and the flight behavior of the arrows. You can only choose one of the four main versions. It is not possible to use two or more at the same time. They would overwrite each other.


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  • Reduced aiming spread
  • Less stamina consumption when aiming
  • Lower zoom base skill but higher zoom
  • Improved bow power charge duration
  • Increased painless delay
  • Three different arrow presets (control of flight behavior in terms of range and speed)
  • Modular Design (Main Mod + Addons)


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Main Files

  • Simplified Archery | Bow Only - Only bow params are modified, no changes to the arrows
  • Simplified Archery | Faster Arrows - Higher ranged and faster arrows
  • Simplified Archery | Near perfect Arrows - Overall perhaps the most realistic attempt to adjust bow params and arrow flight bahavior.
  • Simplified Archery | Ultimate Realism Overhaul - Another attempt of a realistic overhaul.


All addons can be used without one of the main files

  • Simplified Archery | Bow Dot Rectile - Button assignment for the bow dot reticle.
  • Simplified Archery | Bow Perks - Adds perks for bow.
  • Simplified Archery | Colored Arrow Feathers - Different colored arrow feathers.
  • Simplified Archery | More Rabbits - Spawns more rabbits in the wild.
  • Simplified Archery | No arrow trails - Removes arrow trails.


All params changed by this mod effects also all npc archers. If you do a lot of bow tournaments you will not win that easy. If a bandit/cuman/guard hit’s you with a modified arrow you will quickly recognize it!


It’s recommended to use Vortex Mod Manger with hard link deployment for installation. All mods are optimized for this purpose.

  • Save the file to your desktop or your preferred location for downloaded files.
  • Start Vortex Mod Manger and choose MODS in the menu on the left.
  • Click on the button install file.
  • Choose the downloaded Zip file when prompted.

If Vortex Mod Manger is properly configured, you have completed the installation. No further steps required.

If you need help with the mod manager visit the Nexus Mods Discord.


This mod is not compatible with mods altering following files:

  • Data\Libs\AI\final\dynamic.xml (only with More Rabbits addon)
  • Data\Libs\Config\defaultProfile.xml (only with keybind addon)
  • Data\Libs\Config\keybindSuperactions.xml (only with keybind addon)
  • Data\Libs\Particles\wh_particels.xml (only with No arrow trail addon)
  • Data\Libs\Scripts\Entities\Items\XML\Ammo\arrows.xml (not with Bow only main file)

Patched Tables

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  • Data\Libs\Tables\rpg\buff.xml (only with perks addon)
  • Data\Libs\Tables\rpg\perk.xml (only with perks addon)
  • Data\Libs\Tables\rpg\perk_buff.xml (only with perks addon)
  • Data\Libs\Tables\rpg\perk_buff_override.xml (only with perks addon)
  • Data\Libs\Tables\rpg\perk2perk_exclusivity.xml (only with perks addon)
  • Data\Libs\Tables\rpg\rpg_param.xml
  • Localization\English_xml\text_ui_soul.xml (only with keybind addon)
  • Localization\German_xml\text_ui_soul.xml (only with keybind addon)


My mods are not intended to be used in collections or mod packs. Therefore, I won’t support any related problems!

  • All assets in this file belong to the mod author or the asset creator.
  • Upload or sharing on other platforms is prohibited
  • It is not allowed to modify any of the included files/assets or release bug fixes and compatibility patches.
  • You must get permission from the mod author or/and asset creator before you are allowed to use any of the included files/assets

Keep in mind that illegal file sharing is not a service to the general public, but a deliberate disregard and violation of the rights of the content creator and therefore punishable under applicable law.


Main Files


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The perk addon uses assets from the mod Perkaholic by Xylozi. Don’t use it if you plan to install Perkaholic.

If you want to use the perks on a current playthrough you have to reset your perks either with the mod cheat or by using the potion Lethean Water.


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Version 1.0.6

  • Re-Release and perks module added
  • Versioning changed


Special Thanks

  • To Hogal for Graphic Design and Support.
  • To Senvenga for Graphic Design and coding instructions
  • And of course to the ModsInExile Team

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