Site Development Blog: #1 (01/09/21)

Greeting Exiles!

Today marks the start of our development blog, where we’ll keep you updated in the latest goings on with the development of our new site, our new home for all the modding goodness the community has to offer!

First on the agenda today is to clear up a little misconception. We’ve had feedback where people are concerned that anything posted, or uploaded, to the temp site will be deleted when we have our permanent site up and running. I want to reassure everyone, from speaking with our backend team, that is not the case. Everything you post here will be transferred over, as will any comments, feedback, download numbers, and pretty much any other data attached to you mod/forum posts.

The second topic today is that we’ve made a new Landing Page for the site. This will provide a more friendly user interface for when first visiting the site. It’s super simple, but it’s super sweet. It can be found at if you haven’t seen it already!

Now for the main attraction: the main site. Current estimates are for a mid- to late-October release. We’ll provide more updates, and some little sneak peaks, as we go along with the development of the main site. On the user interface, or UX, side of things is accessibility. I am please to announce that we have an accessibility consultant as part of our team. So please welcome LeelooMinai as part of the team! She will be helping in the design of colour blind modes, and general usability for the site for disabled users.

That’s it for the first development blog. I know its a little short, but there’s more we’re not ready to share right now. Watch this space, and we’ll have more to tell you in the future.

I have realised that I have made a dyslexic mistake that has gone uncorrected. The part in question previously read as “colour blind mods” when it was meant to be “colour blind modes”. That has been corrected. An additional formatting error happened when creating the hyperlink. I have no idea how that happened, and gone unnoticed, but I’ll keep an eye out for that happening again.


Colour blind mods and disabled users is a new for me but the respect is given, Welcome to the team and i look forward to seeing this site progress.

Keep up the good work guys.


It’s good to see that progress is being made on the new site. I can’t wait for the day it’s finally complete.

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Thank you all for what you are doing. It’s really appreciated.

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