Skyrim SE Main Menu Spinning Logo Retex



Brumbek for the original spinning Skyrim Logo, that was heavily improved by them. Please download and endorse their mod.

cALAMIN - HD Cubemap Collection

Vobla - Cubemap resources

After some years staring at the same Logo I was like - I need change. So I made a retex fast. Couldn’t decide and kept them all.

- just meshes, let them overwrite everything else (I recommend a Mod manager - best MO2)

- changed cubemaps to fit the new texture (therefore the need for the mesh)

- added a fitting loading screen Logo (cubemaps)

- 3 variants - marble - bronze - ice - CHOOSE ONE WHEN INSTALL




Used applications - Substance Painter, Outfitstudio, Photoshop, Nifskope


No Upload anywhere else! If you have further question dm me!



I have to say, with the added snow to the ice option, Bronze and Ice are in a dead heat for my favourite one!

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Thanks! I am such a sucker for that marble one, because I just cubemapped the veins. And it looks sooo cool when in spins! :slight_smile:

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Going to have to give these a shot the next time I manage to fire up SSE

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