Special request to assist Kuroitsune, Godfather of Fallout modding

If you have played a modded Fallout game, Kurouitsune had a hand in it somewhere. Now, he needs our assistance. If anyone can help, please do so. From the man himself:

"I’m here to ask for help with re-homing my dogs as I am unable to have them for much longer at my current residence. The situation at my home has become extremely difficult over the last two years and it’s eaten away at my mental health. I’ve decided its in my best interest to put my family behind me and move on. My goal is to leave the states but in the short term I need to leave my current home. The problem is I have dogs and I cannot bring them to my short term residence. I’m hoping someone in this community, whether it is them or someone they know, can take my dogs into their families and lives, either temporarily or permanently. My dogs are a huge part of my life and I am looking for what is best for them and unfortunately, they cannot be with me for the time being. The goal was to bring them with me when I leave the states but that may not be possible on a realistic level even if it is on a technical level, therefor the goal is permanent re-homing. If only temporary re-homing is possible, we can work that out.

I have six dogs, three Huskies, two German Shepherds and a Pomeranian mix. All six are vaccinated, but only two are fixed, the older German Shepherd and the female Husky. If the adopter wishes to have them fixed before adopting them, I will take care of it. The older German Shepherd is Liberty, she is the mother of Amelia, the German Shepherd/Husky mix female. Libby has been through a lot of physical abuse from her previous owners and as a result she is timid but she adores attention and treats. I’ve had Amelia since the day she was born. She is very much more of a Husky than a German Shepherd in personality but she is protective and will jump onto a swing or couch to eagerly await affection. Sif and Farron were my first dogs. Both are male Huskies and I’ve had them since they were ten weeks old. They are not litter mates, but they are somewhat bonded to each other, it would be best if they went to the same home but its not an absolute requirement. Gwynevere is the tiny little Pomeranian mix. She’s very fluffy and very loving but doesn’t do well with change. It’s best if she had a playmate, she would adapt easier. Angel is the last dog I got and she is a Husky. She suffered a lot of abuse before I adopted her but she is loving and loyal when she is comfortable. She also can be very stubborn in typical Husky fashion when she wants to be dramatic.

Obviously there is much more to each dog but I want to keep it short. If interested in a particular dog I can go into the full details. There isn’t a re-homing fee, the only thing I ask in return is to stay in touch so I can keep tabs on my dogs for a little while longer. My dogs are a very big part of my life and having to re-home them, whether forever or for a short time, is pretty hard on me. Ultimately the actions I am taking will improve my mental health, because without it I cannot take care of my dogs, I cannot give them what they need."