Spend That XP



Have you ever just launched a mission and thought “I forgot to update my pilot’s skills!”


This mod will indicate if a pilot has any skills that can be upgraded using subtle colors.

Color Levels that can be upgraded
Green 1
Yellow 2
Red 3 or more

Custom Colors

The colors can be customized in the mod.json file.
The colors must be in the RGB format and must start with ‘#’

A useful color picker tool can be found at https://htmlcolor-picker.com

Setting Upgrades Available Default Color
Level1Color 1 #8AF257
Level2Color 2 #FFFF00
Level3Color 3 or more #FFA3A3


To install, download the zip file from the releases section and extract to the Battletech Mods folder.

This assumes ModTek has been installed and injected.


This should be compatible with all mods.
Safe to add to and remove from existing saves.