Spider Sense Perk

Meant to be an alternative to the Light Step perk.

Highlight various hazards when zooming in. Like Boone or Rex’s perks.
Requires level 8 and Perception 6.
Hold right-click to look for hazards.

All DLCs except Gunrunners Arsenal.
xNVSE and JIPLN plugin.

Automatic compatibility with GRA, TTW, and The Frontier. (Requires JohnnyGuitar NVSE.)
(Not required as master!)

Will look like this!:

Download 1.0!:
SpiderSensePerk1.0.7z (2.8 KB)

Known issues:
Sometimes has weird behavior with 1.3.0 of New Vegas Reloaded.
So far seems fine with later versions of NVR.

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