SSE CK Tutorials Series Part 1: Getting CK, SSE, and other things On Your Computer

Part 1: Steam

  1. If you don’t already have an account on Bethesda, create one and log into it.
  2. Download Steam off of the Bethesda’s website.
  3. Login to steam using your login credentials for Bethesda.
  4. The next step will depend on whether or not you have a product code to download SSE with or not. If you do, look at the bottom of Steam, and click Add A Game, then Activate a Product on Steam. Then, just follow the prompts. If you do not have a code, then you will have to purchase skyrim. Go to Store, then search for SSE in the search bar, then purchase and download the game. Download the game literally anywhere except for either of the Program Files folders on your C: drive. At this moment, Skyrim Special Edition costs $40. Given that Skyrim Special Edition is over 10 GB, it might take a while to download. Be patient. And make sure the place you choose to download the game is satisfactory, because it is a terrible idea to move the Skyrim Special Edition folder after the fact.
    Part 2: Downloading Other Necessary Things, and then CK
  5. It is time to download SKSE. You can find the file here. There will a txt file in the download that has instructions about how to install it properly. Follow those.
  6. Once you have correctly downloaded SKSE, it is recommended that you open up Skyrim Special Edition. You don’t have to create a save file; simply getting to the main menu should suffice.
  7. Now is the time to download Bethesda Launcher. Go to Bethesda’s website, then download the launcher. You can find the link for this at the bottom of the website.
  8. Login to Launcher using the login credentials for your Bethesda account. Then, go to the games tab, and, at the top left corner of the screen, there will be two of these: >>. click them.
  9. Find creation kit: Skyrim in the list that shows up, and download it. But DO NOT open it yet.
  10. Go to and create an account, if you haven’t already. Once you do, you will need to download two mods: this one and this one
  11. Open Skyrim Special Edition just one more time, then once you get to the main menu, quit.
  12. Now you will need to download either Vortex or MO2. Personally, I would suggest using MO2, because I was using Vortex when I royally screwed up my first save game on a computer. You can find a tutorial about how to download and set up MO2 here. I would suggest making a global instance.
  13. Now you can open the Creation Kit using MO2. Simply click on the dropdown menu next to the button labeled “Run” with the orange triangle, click on Creation Kit, then the Run button. if you do not see the Creation Kit in the dropdown menu, tag me.

That’s it!