The Huntsmens Cabin

This adds a player home in the town of Springvale and free for you to have right out the vault, the cabin is left of the Springvale school the house is normally abandoned and sealed up with boards but now the boards are now and a new resident of Springvale has moved in, the house is wasteland hunter themed and adds a lot of storage space that being lockers shelfs and even 2 of your very own safes, also food and afew weapons for you to take, You also get your own personal radio which you can turn on and off as you wish.

Whats in the Player Home?
-Storage Space
-2 Safes
-Weapons & Food
-Work bench
-Medic Station
-Personal Radio - (Galaxy News Radio)

–Kwellcodechaot - (Thank you so much for the cleaned version of 2.0)

The Huntsmens Cabin-24190-2-0-1598492069.7z (4.9 KB)