The Living Desert

FNV’s #1 population mod, now also available on Mods-In-Exile!


The Living Desert adds hundreds of npcs and several scripted events to the world of Fallout: New Vegas, providing a more dynamic experience and addng weight to your choices!

A compendium of all specific effects of your actions is included in the download link.


Fallout: New Vegas.
All story dlc.
Gun Runners’ Arsenal.




deedes for the Gallow and Noose textures and meshes.
11linda at for the sound effects used up until v1.5.
jazzisparis for the magnificient JIP LN NVSE Plugin.
The XNVSE crew
PushTheWinButton, whose “Karmic Balance” scripts helped me figure out how to fix my overly intrusive assasins.
kingbeast88 for creating Navmeshes for the ElRey NCR camp and the Deserter fortress used in v1.5.
Wolf7000/Desert Ranger 3.5 for his bug reports, screenshots and valuable feedback. Rest in peace, friend.
Kazopert for his assistance in getting the BSA done for v1.59 and 1.62 as well as his valuable advice and work on v1.6 as well as creating v1.61 on his own.
RoyBatty and lStewieAl for the GECK extender - absolute lifesaver.
zilav for BSarch.
Brandherre for helping me figure out the new hitsquad tracking system.
LedZepIV for providing countless bug reports, helping improve the mod along the way.
AVeryUncreativeUsername, aka Trooper for providing feedback, ideas and bug reports.

All the wonderful people on Discord providing me with feedback and friendly conversation.
Everybody downloading and commenting. Wouldn’t have released this, let alone continued working on it without your encouragement.



  • Version 2.2

    • BUGFIX: Put Wastelanders at Pylon Camp into a separate faction so they don’t attack the Strange Man during Birds Of A Feather (note: untested but ought to work.)
    • BUGFIX: Put in extra line of script to 100% ensure the NCR caravan at the Sharecropper Farms despawns in any non-NCR ending, independently of Hard Luck Blues. (note: untested but ought to work.)
    • BUGFIX: Set Silver Rush Sign on top of Von Graf’s Lazr Gunz to be initially disabled, eliminating a visual bug that would occur when re-generating LOD.
    • BUGFIX: Commented out some leftover console prints.
    • BUGFIX: Hooked smoke at California Sunset Drive-In up with its campfire’s enable parent.
    • BUGFIX: Added DT to Tunneler Queen. Reported by LedZepIv
    • BUGFIX: Deleted leftover matress in Underpass Trailer. Wow, can’t believe I never noticed this.
    • BUGFIX: Fixed one Prospector near Crimson Caravans not being linked to the correct enable parent.
    • BUGFIX: Fixed/completed Happy Trails Caravan route which appears to have been broken despite me insisting on the contrary for all these years - oops!
    • CHANGED: Vigilantes are now in a faction of their own, leading to more sensible faction reactions. First proposed by Reaper.
    • CHANGED: All Wasteland Securitrons now help Friends and Allies.
    • CHANGED: Wasteland Securitrons are now allied to the player if they completed the MKII update. First proposed by AVeryUncreativeUsername
    • CHANGED: Replaced GetReputation checks in hitsquad control script with GetReputationTresholds checks, ensuring they will no longer chase after you just for minor infamy. Proposed by ryanmar.
    • CHANGED: Followed FPGE’s example and removed needless edit to Wasteland water type.
    • CHANGED: .ini has been re-structured, as per AVeryUncreativeUsername’s suggestion.
    • CHANGED: The Underpass disabler is now on by default.
    • NEW: Made Westside’s Population Boost customizable in the .ini
    • REMOVED: Removed edits to “Unfriendly Persuasions” to continue TLD’s push away from direct edits to vanilla NPCs and quests. The standalone mod will soon become available again.
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The Living Desert is a great mod for those who wish to flesh out the Mojave like never before! If you don’t use it, then you clearly must enjoy eating pineapple pizza while undergoing CBT.

Huzzah! TLD is a must-have.