The New Homepage is LIVE!

The long wait is finally over. The new homepage for Mods In Exile is here! Please check it out and let us know what you think! Right now it’s best viewable in a browser. Updates will be fast approaching to add support for mobile viewing and some UI fixes and then the user login system will be arriving not long after that. Migrations will begin when the site is fully functional and more information will be available at that time. Thanks again for your support!

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Whenever I request WileCoyote68 to upload the remaining mods from his Kingdom Come Deliverance collection I receive a reply that says he will upload them when the new website is completed. So, is it completed, or not? If so, can you explain how I can access it, so I can look for mods I would like. Also, do you have any idea why he would keep saying it isn’t completed? His last reply was not that long ago.