Treasure of Ivanpah Lake


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You’ve heard of the Treasure of Ivanpah Lake.
We all have. The legend, the curses.
Some nonsense about it lying in the middle of the desert, buried beneath the sands.
An enticing rumor luring treasure hunters to their doom.
A lie. One that has driven many to madness, to unreasoning fits of rage.
…Or is it a lie?

In this shitpost, you get the opportunity to uncover the real Treasure of Ivanpah Lake. As for what this treasure is, well, you’ll have to go see.


  • 1 very tiny dungeon
  • A short scavenger hunt to find said dungeon
  • One new weapon (a retextured shovel)
  • One new set of clothing (retextured Merc Grunt Outfit)
  • A few funny terminal entries, as well as a modified note from th3overseer’s “The High Desert” mod.


  • Lonesome Road DLC (you should already have this)


  • Due to the sheer number of “treasures” in the cave, interacting with any of the piles of treasure will cause a hit to your framerate until you’ve taken the entire pile or it stops moving. This will obviously get worse if you try to interact with multiple piles at once.
  • Given that I’m still getting used to this site, the Readme.txt is better formatted. Give it a look if you have any questions, otherwise I’ll answer what I can.


  • Th3overseer for making his amazing mod series (and allowing this shitpost to occur)
  • Warhound545 (me) for putting the mod together, writing the stories therein, and retexturing a Shovel and Merc Grunt Outfit so that something useful is actually included.
  • Radiodyne for testing the mod and helping me polish it.
  • Broadside17 for suggesting that this mod be created, and helping me determine which type of “treasure” to place.
    Go watch his streams on Twitch, he’s a cool dude! Twitch
  • The rest of the people on Th3overseer’s discord for being awesome.

Based Bucket Breaker


Here is VERSION 1.1 of the mod (because I’m apparently not allowed to edit my post after a certain time period)

For convenience, I’ve included the meshes and textures. If you already had the original mod downloaded, all you need is the esp.

NOTE TO THOSE UPDATING: I had to delete the original version of the dead treasure hunter because I’m dumb. The new version will no longer float, but the consequence is that you will have the opportunity to obtain a duplicate of the unique items. Just sell them or something. (4.9 MB)


Based Bucket Breaker X2