-TTW 3.2/3.3- Alton IL - Huge Quest and World Mod

Check out the original Fallout 3 version of Alton! (External link)

Think you have what it takes to survive the harsh wastes of Alton and find your way home?

This is the Tale of Two Wastelands 3.3 port of Alton IL. I’ve included 3.2 in the title as well, however, consider that unofficial support.

This port of Alton uses onowrouzi’s Alton Revoicing Project, available here. (External link) The revoicing project is pre-packaged into this port, downloading it for the TTW version is unnecessary.


Known Issues:

  • None.



  • You do not need the Fallout 3 version to use this port. The TTW version is its own complete standalone package that you can just drop into your TTW install folder (or whatever mod manager you use). If you follow any guide that tells you to install this over top of the Fallout 3 version, you forfeit any support as doing so can cause issues.
  • Previous versions of the TTW port of Alton had reported issues during the final conflict with certain NPCs not speaking. Previously, the NPCs were simply unvoiced as the original voice data conflicted with the revoicing and caused auditory whiplash. The original voice files from the FO3 version have been added to prevent bug reports about NPCs not speaking during that conflict.

Version 3.0 of Alton IL IS NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE WITH 2.5.2. Several changes have been made to various scripts in the mod that could potentially break things. If you update your Alton install to 3.0 and have already made it past the plane crash, you forfeit any support as this has not been tested and I cannot say for sure what will happen.


Credits for assets are available in the mod’s readme file.


Download (MEGA) - Tale of Two Wastelands Version 3.2.3

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New version of Alton is out. As always, report any mod-specific issues here.