Warning Update-Neopets has potentially experienced the largest data breach of any website in the history of ever, by a factor of nearly seven

TLDR: There is a possibility that the the information pertaining to the gender, birthday (possibly age too, depending), email address, password, IP address, and country of residence that the owners of more than 69 million users on Neopets has been exposed and is being sold on a hacker website. In addition, there is a possibility that the neopets source code and live access to the database is being sold online for 4 bitcoin as we speak. This is according to a licensed neopets fan site, Jellyneo.
If there is any truth to these assertions, then someone has managed to pull the most significant security breach of a website. On a website designed for kids. I doubt I need to say this, but I’m going to, given how much attention I gave the site previously and how serious this is: whoever it was that told me it’d be better to give that site a wide berth was giving me sound advice.
To make matters worse, I was made aware today of a possibility that this matter may or may not be related to connectivity issues I’ve been experiencing.