Weapon Fixes



All Bastard Swords and the gothic shields with crest get playable with this mod. Fixed a cuman metal shield and one of the House of Zoul shields.


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  • All bastard swords have been fully integrated into the game. They can be worn and used by Henry

  • All gothic shields have been fully implemented into the game and have their stats adjusted to be playable

  • Adjusted the stats of one of the House of Zoul shields so that it’s not just decoration and ballast in the inventory or storage chest

  • One of the cumanic metal shields had the wrong stats and was adjusted accordingly.


As intended in vanilla, the bastard swords, the cuman shield and the house of zoul shield are only dropped. I haven’t been able to test all shields yet. Therefore, the gothic shields can only be moved into the inventory using the cheat mod.


It’s recommended to use Vortex Mod Manger with hard link deployment for installation. All mods are optimized for this purpose.

  • Save the file to your desktop or your preferred location for downloaded files.
  • Start Vortex Mod Manger and choose MODS in the menu on the left.
  • Click on the button install file.
  • Choose the downloaded Zip file when prompted.

If Vortex Mod Manger is properly configured, you have completed the installation. No further steps required.

If you need help with the mod manager visit the Nexus Mods Discord.


Unless otherwise noted, all my mods are compatible with each other as tables are patched but not overwritten.

If you use my mods in combination with older ones that completely overwrite tables, you should pay attention to the loading order. However, it is not recommended to do this!

Patched Tables

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  • Data\Libs\Tables\item\equippable_item.xml
  • Data\Libs\Tables\item\melee_weapon.xml
  • Data\Libs\Tables\item\pickable_item.xml
  • Data\Libs\Tables\item\player_item.xml
  • Data\Libs\Tables\item\weapon.xml
  • Data\Libs\Tables\item\weapon2weapon_preset.xml


My mods are not intended to be used in collections or mod packs. Therefore, I won’t support any related problems!

  • All assets in this file belong to the mod author or the asset creator.
  • Upload or sharing on other platforms is prohibited.
  • It is not allowed to modify any of the included files/assets or release bug fixes and compatibility patches.
  • You must get permission from the mod author or/and asset creator before you are allowed to use any of the included files/assets.

Keep in mind that illegal file sharing is not a service to the general public, but a deliberate disregard and violation of the rights of the content creator and therefore punishable under applicable law.


Weapon_Fixes-1-0-0.zip (5.0 KB)


Special Thanks

  • To Hogal for Graphic Design and Support.
  • To Senvenga for Graphic Design and coding instructions
  • And of course to the ModsInExile Team

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