Entire Highway Overhaul

Overhauls the entire highway in the game concept was that everyone was in abit of a rush after finding out that the bombs were going to drop and most trying to get to some of the scattered vaults, also kinda strange with the lack of cars, buses, trucks, and so on.

-Adds lots of cars to the highway. but not too much, due to the player and raiders and such
-Army trucks. With crates. (Giving a more military Presents to the world)
-Highway light posts
-Fixes afew holes in on the highway that the player can get stuck on and not jump out of.
-Overhauled raiders near vault 101 on the highway (Adds bodys, More barracks, afew more raiders then normal and lights and such.)
-Adds a boarder outpost beyond the highway past the none playable area (Tenpenny way)
-Overhauls Raider encounters
-Overhauls the Raider Mole Rat Race.
Entire Highway Overhaul-24151-1-0-1594942409.7z (44.5 KB)