LM‘s Eyebrows SSE - Replacer or Standalone

Finally done with the brows. Felt like years.

This can either be installed as a standalone or a replacer for the vanilla eyebrows.

I tried to make them look realistic and imperfect. As well give them a more feathered out look at the tails.

It’s not the best eyebrows, I am aware.

I tried to honor the vanilla design as much as I could, even if some of them are a bit crazy (looking at you men eyebrow 8). Men eyebrows might seem all a bit too round, but it’s easier to use sliders to make them more edgy, than use sliders to make them more round.

I provide -

  • Replacer version that uses only textures.

  • Replacer version with an ESP that unlocks Snow Elf brows for vanilla and High Poly Head and adds the missing Snow Elf brow to women.

  • High Poly Head Standalone version with default colored and black brows.


Eyebrow Mesh:

Application used:

  • Substance Painter
  • HairTG
  • Photoshop
  • Nifskope
  • xEdit

Requirements for the Standalone versions:


Install with your mod manager or manual. The ESPs are flagged ESL.

  • Chose between 2k or 1k textures
  • Replacers and/or Standalones (You can use both if you want to.)

If you don’t use High Poly Head, but want the Replacer version that unlocks Snowelves, a patch ESP(“LM’s Eyebrows - Replacer - Snowelf unlocked - NonHPH ESP”) is provided. Let it overwrite/load it after “LM’s Eyebrows - Replacer - Snowelf unlocked”.

Happy Modding! o/

Cheers Leeloo

25th May 2024 -
Added a COR/UBE replacer


No Upload partially or fully.
If you want to use the eyebrows for your mods ask me for permission. Thanks!

My other mods are here: LeelooMinai’s Modding Corner

LM’s Eyebrows 2k - Standalone 1.1.7z (17.7 MB)
LM’s Eyebrows 2k - Replacer.7z (6.2 MB)
LM’s Eyebrows 2k - Replacer - Snowelf unlocked.7z (6.3 MB)
LM’s Eyebrows 1k - Standalone 1.1.7z (4.8 MB)
LM’s Eyebrows 1k - Replacer.7z (1.7 MB)
LM’s Eyebrows 1k - Replacer - Snowelf unlocked.7z (1.8 MB)
LM’s Eyebrows - Replacer - Snowelf unlocked - NonHPH ESP.7z (715 Bytes)
LM’s Eyebrows 2k - Replacer COR_UBE.7z (2.8 MB)

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Hi, thanks for the brows. I like them way better than the distorted Brows mod and don’t see how they get so many dl’s. There is nothing wrong with your brows.

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Thank you! Very much appreciated! :hugs:

Happy Modding!