LM's Druid Dagger


- Credit -

- Tumbajamba  / Druid Armors and Weapons - Dagger 
LorSakyamuni / Ancient Elven Dagger - partially used the port
- Vobla, ShinglesCat and CALAMIN - cubemaps
BadDog - Blender LE/SE/FO4 plug-in. 
ElminsterAUthe Nifskope Gang and ousniuswho make our modmaking life so much easier! 

I recommend Visual Animated Enchants, seen in the screenshots.

Applications used:
OS, Photoshop, Substance Painter, nifskope, xEdit, CK, Blender

I always liked the original Dagger, an Oblivion Port.
There were just things that needed some attention. 

- added blood decals
- added cubemap support
- made simple textures (textures were missing and added via esp, which isnt possible with a mesh like that)
- scaled the dagger size down
- added variants of the dagger: wood and metal
- plugin is ESLified
- Skyrim SE texture compression

Either get them via "Additemmenu" or craft them at any forge. You need Elven and Arcane Smithing. I added 5 variants, all enchanted. I changed the theme from elven to druid in honor of the originals. I think there aren't enough druid themed things for Skyrim, anyway. The dagger names are welsh.

Install with your mod manager, I use MO2. No NMM support. 
I don't use LE, so sorry, only SE version. 

If you find any issues, pls let me know. TY!

No Upload anywhere else. If you need something ask for permission.

LM’s Druid Dagger.7z (36.5 MB)