Megaton - Beyond The Walls

This mod brings the wasteland in, Adding the same surroundings from the wasteland into the town interior beyond the walls giving you the feeling that you never entered a totally new cell and doesn’t break immersion, Every time i entered megaton the outside of the walls looked empty even when there was clearly a highway arching over the town and even trees, so it seemed strange.

So i added the wasteland to the interior world cell so it dont break immersion adding all the element that you should be able to see it the town was open and never had to go to another cell just to be there. some of the objects have been pushed a little bit near the wall and some trees are made a bit bigger so the player can see them due to the odd shaping of the exterior of the town in the wasteland and the interior world of the town.

Whats Added?
-The Arching Highway
-Springvales Water Tower

Megaton - Beyond The Walls-24161-3-0-1597087654.7z (231.9 KB)