Rogue Tech


RogueTech has as goal to provide new challenges and a harsher simgame experience. You have to survive by all means, the enemy’s will do their best to kill you and no one gives a rats ass about some merc dying.

The timeline for this mod is at the start of 4th Succession and the War of 3039, when the the first technologies of the Helm Core appear around the sphere. The base install has units and tech up to 3061. Optional modules include units and equipment from the Civil War, Jihad, Dark Age and Republic eras as late as the year 3130.


I mean, how fair would it be to just have the player have all these fancy toys?


  • Big, RogueLike, Sandbox Experience
  • Rebalanced Sim and Combat game, to give you a harsher world.
  • Variety: Literally thousands of mechs and vehicles each spawning with the appropriate factions. Who you are fighting matters.
  • With the great houses scrambling for superiority and unlocking the secrets of Helm, new weapons arrive on the battlefield, but nothing is cheap.
  • Tonnage means nothing!, Everything is balanced around what your Lance costs, not what it weights

RogueTech Wiki

Launcher updated 28/10/2023
RogueLauncher.exe (42.6 MB)


Wooo first lol. MARIK FOREVER!!

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Plz share some more info on why we jump to another platform :slight_smile:

Nexusmods has a new, greedy policy for mod owners. It also takes away their right to remove their own mods and has some ownership issues. Besides, Roguetech is growing into it’s own thing and this discourse seems like the right direction. :slight_smile:

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What stromknight said

Also what it means is that nexus would allow broken versions of a mod to be distributed, which means user may come and bitch about bugs fixed months ago (aka literally why rt has the patcher)

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Are we offline on Maps?

Looks that way :frowning:

Then why when I click on the RogueLauncher it takes me to Steam?

Launcher does not appear to be working

The same rules as always apply

You encounter a issue, you come to the discord and file a ticket

Why is it so hard to understand that we dont have a magic crystal ball to see whatever issue you have without the appropiate data?

I don’t know what’s so hard about getting a magic crystal ball. It’s only $10.99 on amazon.

Magic Crystal Ball: See the Future! (RP Minis): Scrimizzi, Marlo: 9780762465149: Books

thx for info stromknight

Yeah but it doesnt translate from user to dev and doesnt show logs either :wink:

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Fresh launcher for todays unexpected cab issues, please download

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wow is fixed. Thanks.

How do i get support for troubleshooting a problem with the RogueTech Mod ?
Whom and how do i have to contact / and upload my explaination/Log file?
please advice

While i was writing this, i downloaded the newest Launcher (again).
I had MSVisualC++ error and after that for at least 3 RTLauncher version always a CAB update error.
I was able to start a new career now though.

Urrrgh, does anyone know how to re-enable the debug mode in game ?
It was working fine with RogueTech, before i had that problem with the older RTLaunchers.
After the fresh installe, i re-added the line “testToolsEnabled”: “true”,
into the file “settings.json” at D:\Programme\Steam\steamapps\common\BATTLETECH\BattleTech_Data\StreamingAssets\data\debug
But it doesn´t show anymore that the debug mode has been loaded when clicking on career (red button underneath saying “debug”, if that shows and you start a new career with that, you should be able to use CTRL_shift_- to bring up the menu at the Argo and in a mission

You go to our discord, as it always has been

All great and working great ! With out loosing saves

Thank you so much for keeping this mod alive.
I’ve been playing Battle Tech since it’s inception back in the early 80’s.
Now I finally have something more akin to the Pencil and Paper version I grew up on.

Thanks again for all the hard work!