Ships of The Sea


Ships Of The Sea adds ships and boats to the waters. Rivers and Open Sea of the wasteland, this also includes ship and boat wreckages and 35% of them have loot and the ones that have loot dont have much loot anyway, I did this because I remember how empty the waters seemed even when they should clearly be ships and more boats around it seems there all wiped off the face of the earth yet there isn’t enough ship wreaks to prove that, I have scattered ship wreaks and normal floating-ish boats and afew at docks which were empty also added one or two mirelurks and more eggs near one of the ships.

-Kwellcodechaot - (For helping me with the cleaning of version 2.0)
Ships Of The Sea-24163-2-0-1598492305.7z (67.9 KB)

Had a lot of fun with this, thank you Tel :smiley: