Wilhelms Wharf Overhaul

This mod overhauls Wilhelms Wharf in a big way, it adds more tables and chairs and fixes the VIP area around the shack it also adds a wall around the whole place giving it a more of a personal touch as well as afew lights and wastelanders. the whole area seemed abit off to me and after i did the mod called Busier Than Usual i started to get afew ideas on how i could expand on this small river side grill.

For one how does no raider or super mutant from the surrounding area just come along and kill them, kinda what sparked my idea for the wall in the first place.,. Will most likely conflict with the Busier Than Usual since that mod adds more table and chairs, but that will not be needed if you have thing mod.

Whats Added?
-More Tables and Chairs
-Added Lighting
-More Lights
-Polished VIP Area (Table and Chairs)

Wilhelms Wharf Overhaul-24209-1-0-1596030954.7z (33.8 KB) :slight_smile: